What Paul and Storm song(s) would you like to see on Rock Band Network? (multiple choices allowed)


  • rhiannon - 13 years ago

    the Opening Band song would be the best i say ^_^

  • Dov Sherman - 13 years ago

    Shake Machine should be on this list. It's one of your most "rock"-like songs.

  • Torgo, the Minion of Fate - 13 years ago

    Damn shame you wouldn't be able to get the rights to it for Rock Band, because it'd be a blast to sing Pilsbury Cookie Dough. Also, I don't know if it would be rated T, but Hot Monkey Love would be great to play.

  • Conor - 13 years ago

    I probably should have voted for Frogger - I mean, you'd figure that a song about video games would do well in a video game about songs.

    Really, though, I vote for "Me Make Fire", because it's the song you can never perform live, and you could probably have a crapload of fun mapping one of the guitars to the horn section.

  • Spence - 13 years ago

    Since "Other" isn't a very long field:

    The Ballad of Eddie Praeger, Live, I Will Sing A Lullabye, Your Love Is

  • Derrick Watson - 13 years ago

    I still think the LaMent song would be fun.

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