What excites you more: Microsoft's Project Natal or Sony's PlayStation Move? (Poll Closed)

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  • Video - 12 years ago

    Sony's PlayStation ..........

  • Joseph - 12 years ago

    Natal for sure. This is amazing and will change the way we respond to gaming forever! I don't blame playstation for jumping on band wagon for the "wiimote" but they added one more contoller and about 12 buttons. I thought the piont was to do something different. It tottaly looks and acts like the wii nunchuck. The possibility's are endless for Natal and it only in it's infancy. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us xbox 360 owners but when the potential for natal is fully realized by the big name game makers it will totally blow are minds!

  • Alex W - 12 years ago

    I can't wait for Project Natal to launch - especially as its already incorporating big titles such as Fable 3. Personally I also feel that Natal is far more innovative than the PS Move - which is basically just a rip of the Wii control system. At least Microsoft can come up with something new and original to compete.

    Have any of you seen any of the demo footage of Natal? It looks epic.

  • isaac - 12 years ago

    I agree. As cool as I think the concept of motion control is. It doesn't draw my attention as much cause of its lack of accuracy. I bought a Wii when it came out for my brother and played it a total of 10 mins and decided it sucked cause it feels like you actually have to try to stay within its parameters. So I am a Xbox fan. And of both motion sensors coming out the one that draws my attention the most is project natal. If I had to buy one I would get project natal.

  • Dave H - 12 years ago

    I'll be excited about motion controllers when they become acurate. As far as I have noticed, the Wii is mostly only popular with children and casual gamers just breaking into gaming. Props to the Wii for bringing in a market that was previously untapped, but the fact remains that the Wii's biggest market has an incredibly low standard for quality gaming.

    As far as the new controllers, until a camera system is developed that has the capability of detending and following specific users while at the same time ignoring those things that may be moving i or around the user, cameras used for gaming will be even more frustrating than trying to have a jedi light saber duel with the Wiimote.

    A camera with a motion controller looks to improve the system, but all of these Wii-ish controllers will need a great deal more accuracy, dimensions, and responsiveness, before any body with high industry standards in the gaming world will be excited.

  • Riley - 12 years ago

    "What excites you more: Microsoft's Project Natal or Sony's PlayStation Move?"

    I think motion-based controlling helps to immerse the user. However, I also think that adding motion controlling as an option to a console is not the way to do it. If you think that motion controlling is the way to go, make it your primary focus, like Nintendo did. Sure, there are options to play "classic style" or use a regular gamepad on the Wii, but motion is the name of the game.

    It's just like having a smart phone that has both a multi-touch virtual keyboard and a QWERTY. To me, it's telling the user "hey, touch is the way of the future! But..." (how many people with these phones use touch over QWERTY?). I wonder if these same people have a 3 1/4" floppy drive still in their computers and use dial-up to connect to their bank sites because it makes them feel safe?

    One last thing: How many PS3/XB360 owners balked at and condemned Nintendo's motion controlling as being "gimmicky" and "childish"? Now, how many of those users are now touting how awesome motion sensing is? I'm not saying that Sony and MS don't have the right to do motion; more power to them for trying to help change the game. What I am saying is that they are 5 years too late to the party and still are hanging on the wall like a kid without a date. They WANT to go out and have fun, but don't have the guts to just do it.

    I guess I'm one that likes change, but I see it as a good thing. I bought a 360 a year after having the Wii and, even though it was much prettier, I found myself going back to the Wii to have fun - especially if I had the same game on both consoles. After 4 months, the 360 was sold because it never got played. I'll take fun and immersion any day over HD.

  • Blythe - 12 years ago

    Playstation Move will take motion control where it should go and beyond. Natal lacks in drag time (though should be fixed) but Natal will be limited due to not having a controller. PS Move will allow you to use a controller or go without, which will make game developers very happy if they have multiple options.

  • Brad - 12 years ago

    I don't like motion controllers. Although PS3's seems to do a better job at it, although the "move"'s name and look is horrendous.

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