What should I wear to the Autodesk event in San Francisco?


  • Melanie Perry - 13 years ago

    LOL, I agree with Nancy! Dress snappy! :-D

    Hey, Brian, if we're dressing up like comic characters, would it be too much of a stretch if I came dressed like Daria Morgendorffer?

  • Nancy Johnson, Cadalyst - 13 years ago

    May I suggest: http://www.cafepress.com/cadalyst.426738822#

  • Shaan Hurley - 13 years ago

    Travis please wear a batman suit.

  • Steve Johnson - 13 years ago

    You should wear the DWF mascot outfit. But you always wear what Travis wears, because you are Travis.

  • Donnie Gladfelter - 13 years ago

    Not Batman, but BATTMAN (double T). Instead of dressing like your favorite comic book hero, it would be dress like your favorite AutoCAD command.

  • Brian Benton - 13 years ago

    You really should dress up like Batman. That would be great. In fact, every person attending should dress like a comic book hero / heroin! that would be fun. It is a "special" Autodesk event isn't it?

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