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  • TANMOY BISWAS - 5 years ago


  • friday siame - 5 years ago

    Very beutiful people,places,very unique backgrounds, exellent photography.

  • vishal pawar - 6 years ago

    I m so happpy when i saw u r photo but i dont know why u r not capturing our greatest maharaja shivajis fort of maharashtra

  • UPEX - 6 years ago

    its from possitive site Of India. but in India, there are more negative than possitive.

  • quen máis podería ser? - 6 years ago

    fotos impresionantes orgulloso ser un indio!

  • paresh - 7 years ago

    Magazine. Doesn't seen real INDIA Ane also no have sense about

  • bhrigu Aditya - 7 years ago

    brilliant pics some so good that brought me 2 tears

  • Priyanga - 7 years ago

    It is in the hands of photographer who makes the real things nice or other way.Really osum.
    Depicted the true faces of India.
    Sooooo proud to be Indian!!!!!
    Lets preserve our mother land.
    Vandhae matharam

  • denise - 7 years ago

    so nice desings pretty in india like your mosque

  • denise - 7 years ago

    so nice desings pretty in india like your mosque

  • Dronsbablu - 7 years ago

    sare jaha se achha hindustan humara hum bul bule hai iski ye gulsita humara humara...

  • sushant - 7 years ago

    Really very nice picts......thanks

  • Pooja Sharma - 7 years ago

    i like these pictures........

  • Rajkumar Pant - 7 years ago

    Excellent pictures of a lovely and colorful country !
    I am happy to note that many foreigners are getting motivated to visit India after seeing them.

  • manju - 7 years ago

    very nice pics. i like it so much.

  • Ahmed Pasha - 7 years ago

    i prod to be an Indian, n i hope if other county people will come to india really they will not go back, bcoz our motherland have true faith, true color n humanity compare to all other countries, here no religious, humanity in first, we had every thing here A to Z, we no need to go abroad, jai hind, happy independence day, Insha Allah India will soon become super power n rule the world.

  • rinku - 7 years ago

    it's my india

  • Raval Chaitanya V. - 7 years ago

    these are one of the best photos I have seen.They shows the real culture of different lifes in India.Truthfully,they are amazing.

  • saim ul haq - 7 years ago

    i am indian, i love my country so much as possible, these photographs are superb and fantastic indian culture, civilisation, colors,etc. are superb .i love my country yesterday, i love my country today and i love my country ever

  • sudip - 7 years ago

    incredable photos of incredable INDIA..............

  • KESHAV KUMAR - 7 years ago


  • jagadeesh - 7 years ago

    please leave The all Mosque and Taj mahal Photos Becoz they are builted by only used Hindu Reliegions BLOO AND TEARS so this is irrespect to ourself

  • sathya bama - 8 years ago

    proud to be an indian. it gives me happy.

  • Vanina Versini - 8 years ago

    Beautiful colors, beautiful India

  • Himanshu - 8 years ago

    that's very nice images of our country.

  • uma - 8 years ago


  • SANJU SYAN - 8 years ago

    i love u photo.& Thinking.............

  • aa - 8 years ago

    faltus sala

  • vandana chauhan - 8 years ago

    these pics are absolutely fab....
    i m proud to be INDIA......
    I LOVE MY INDIA........

  • Dee-Dee - 8 years ago

    These Are Very Cool ! Doonkk ! Is Right They Are Awesome !

  • Doonkk ! - 8 years ago

    Just Kidding They Are Really Cool !!!!!!!

  • Doonkk ! - 8 years ago

    These Pictures Suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sumit - 8 years ago

    it's so beautiful....i jst love it...

  • Shravani - 8 years ago

    I juz loved the pics... proud to be an Indian..

  • Namrata - 8 years ago

    This is actualy wht is india all about , is not only the bad pictures but the other side of it is very colourful , which we never see in our daily life.

  • apra - 9 years ago

    These photos are really super. I liked the TAJ MAHAL photo very much as it was taken in a most different way.

  • swetha - 9 years ago

    i love my country its amaging superb and i will come back to india its really

  • Shaanu - 9 years ago

    This Is Vat Our India Is.. Proud To Be An Indian.. :)

  • bashar - 9 years ago

    Interesting Images Indeed. I have never been to India before but i have a very nice friend whom i met on one my several trips to saudi Arabia for Umrah. He always told me about his beautiful country. The images are so nice and encouraging to any one in love with nature and beauty. Iam really impressed and one day i shall include India in my holiday spots. Iam a Nigerian.

  • ram - 9 years ago

    its simply superb..............no words to express.........

  • xxx - 9 years ago


  • saurabh rawat - 9 years ago

    Its absolutely scintillating to see your own country with so many vivid imagination and colors. It actually depicts India in a way as it is. Though there are some other parts also but hats off to the person who bringforth these shots.... Simply exhilarating!!! !!

  • sandhy kale - 10 years ago

    Wonderful photography of most colorful area ,country ,people and time of the day!!. In their own way these are lively faces. thanks . would love to see more....sandhy kale

  • Jonny - 10 years ago

    These photographs are refreshing, vibrant and interesting. Design and India are currently big interests of mine and would love to see more coverage on the subject. More importantly I want to visit India to see things for myself!

  • Padmini Nageswaran - 10 years ago

    Iam Indian, and love my country. But everytime I see its colours and forms and culture, it is a scilcillating experience, which I cannot describe completely. For there is ever so much more to see and experience in my country.

  • Oliver - 10 years ago

    I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of India. Would love to see more.

    I would especially like to see accurate views of other countries. So not a slideshow of starving poverty stricken children, but not all sugar coated either. I want to see an accurate depiction of life in another country.

  • Hakimuddin Kothawala - 10 years ago

    I love to read and see as much as possible of my country so I can love it more and more.

  • Jon Elbery - 10 years ago

    Apart from 4 hours at Mumbai airport en route from Australia to England I have never been to India and this series of glimpses has revived a deep longing to spend some time there

  • Miguel Carvajal - 10 years ago

    These photos are absolutely fantastic! I feel like traveling to India and capture similar shots. Great inspiration for any photographer/art designer. Thank you for sharing.

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