What's the solution to marijuana production on public land?

  • Great Lakes Echo - 11 years ago

    For more background information related to this poll please see related story: http://greatlakesecho.org/2010/03/12/when-grass-isnt-green-marijuana-farms-on-public-lands-aren’t-kind-to-the-environment/

  • Christeen - 11 years ago

    If cannabis was legal you would not have all these problems with the poisons these cartels use to plant large grows. Most consumers would not even touch the product if they new about the poisons used for pest control. The majority of these poisoned grows probably never leave the inner city drug gangs. If you legalized cannabis you would eliminate the drug cartel and the black market. My grandparents figured that out with alcohol prohibition. The crime associated with rum runners, gangs fighting for market area, all gone in one signature to legalize alcohol. The same would happen with this seventy year old drug war. Not to mention the medical benefits that a US citizen could realize. And on the other side of the coin is hemp - can make anything with hemp that you can make with crude oil. Why keep hemp illegal - it played a big part in victory for World War II - "Hemp for Victory" - if you had a farm you had to grow it. But then World War II ended and back to the war on drugs (cannabis/hemp). We wouldn't even be having this discussion if cannabis was legal because it would all be regulated. You will never have control of anything as long as it is illegal.

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