Will you buy "deluxe" CDs for under $10?

  • Geoff - 12 years ago

    If vinyl LPs are available at those "new" prices Universal is proposing, I'll gladly go back to buying records and never DL another track again. CDs bore me, but LPs are beautiful things.

  • Alex - 12 years ago

    Well i voted "Yes, primarily because I like artwork and other content that's included with deluxe CDs." but i've found that is lacking too. Some covers are just that only a cover with credits. I really miss the vinyl era when it was like a music book and told more of the story.

  • francois - 12 years ago

    I voted "No, the labels still have to do something more": give up DRM on any format, cancel pending trials against poor souls who have been caught sharing a dozen files, make public apologies for sueing their customers, stop any lobbying for copyright reinforcement laws such as the ACTA treaty, reduce the duration of copyright, start paying artists more than stakeholders...

  • Stan Dubin - 12 years ago

    I'm one of those guys (millions upon millions of us) who no longer just buys the entire CD. If there's only one or two cuts that interest me, then I'm happy paying for just those cuts.

    If an entire CD is $6 at a local store (or on Amazon where I get 'free' two-day shipping) and it's $9.99 at iTunes, I'd consider getting it.

    Technology and digitized music gives consumers options. It also makes it possible for musicians to sell their music when before it was near impossible unless a big label took them on.

  • araphor - 12 years ago

    I think consumers like to choose for convenience. downloading becomes easier for more people, so I expect CD sales to decline even if the prices are lowered.

  • invein - 12 years ago

    an album is a work of art...so is the packaging design, the cover, the artwork. i would never trade a really well made digipack with making of dvd and other cool gimmicks for a download-version. but i guess the most people buying tracks on itunes and other services are the ones who bought singles on cd - another thing i never did and never will. when i spend money i want to get more than just the songs - i want the full package.

  • David H. - 12 years ago

    I buy a lot of music and most of it's via digital downloads. But I still buy CDs occasionally for my absolute favourite artists for a) guaranteed quality b) backup c) hedging my bets against the mp3 format d) nice packaging/artwork/sleeve notes (where applicable).

  • American Beat - 12 years ago

    So they're lowering the prices that much and STILL generating a healthy profit margin? Hmmmmmm ... and does this price reduction come out of the pockets of the recording company or out of the artists, who've already been screwed over nine ways to Sunday for generations and will probably never see a cent from any of their recordings to start with?

  • Blane Mather - 12 years ago

    If you add the yeses together and add the noes together, yes is winning 55% to 45% right now. I sometimes purchase MP3's online, and have slowed my CD purchasing somewhat over recent years, but I don't see either as a complete solution. Sometimes if an album only has 2 songs on it that I like, the download is the win. But I still like the feel of having a CD in hand and being able to easily rip songs from the CD at will to multiple devices.

    I'll also admit, I've bought a lot of used CD's at those resale shops in the last couple of years. Can't beat getting a good album for $4!

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