Greatest Warrior of All Time

Posted 9 years.


  • Shree - 2 years ago

    One and only unbeatable ultimate warrior Karna

  • Ajay Sutradhar - 2 years ago

    According to me Karna is the greatest warrior in all sense. He struggled his life, he is the one whom lord parshuram(Vishnu's, dronas guru whose disciple was arjuna) avatar declared as equivalent of himself in archery. He suffered pain throughout his life but never got diverted from his path. Greatest danveer of all time. He faced all problems with proud.

  • saikrishnaneelam7 - 3 years ago

    abhimanyu is the greatest warrior i thought and he is the elder of upapandavas he fought very brave in padhmavuyha mahabaratha

  • Utkarsh - 3 years ago

    Suryaputra Karn is my idol and I am a biggest fan of his

  • Pawan - 4 years ago

    This poll shows how much people have been misguided by fictional novels and TV Serials,they consider Karna better than Lord Ram,Krishna,Hanuman when he was no match for Arjuna even.

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