England's next climate normal?
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  • Peter Melia - 12 years ago

    This has been around for some time. A Frenchman friend of mine explained it all to me, the melting ice etc etc, he suggested I should move to France whilst there was still time, perhaps buy his house, he had his eyes on a nice villa down South! I thought about this, surely the the melting ice would not be a raging torrent, as Hollywood might show it, but rather a dribble, a large dribble but a dribble still. Fresh water is lighter than salt so this gentle fresh influx would flow across the surface of the salty sea with very little intermingling, except at the interface. I couldn't figure out how this cause the Gulf Stream to switch off and eventually my French friend agreed. He still has his house in Normandy, it is I who eventually bought the one down South. Took a job down here. Nice.

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