Would you like to have a Windows Version of lemonPOS?

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Posted 9 years.


  • omer - 5 years ago

    dont even think about it. windows sucks.

  • joel - 5 years ago

    It would be nice to get squeeze on Windoze :)

  • MG - 5 years ago

    Don't split your time! Would be good to see more activity anyways. Stick to linux.

  • Keff - 6 years ago

    Finish your Linux product first!!!! You NEED credit card processing. No instant credit card processing = no clients in USA or GB. Maintain some 64 bit and ARM builds. Nobody's using i386 anymore.

    Just my two cents.

  • Brahms - 6 years ago

    PLEASE don't port this to Windows! It would be an enormous mistake. Here is my reasoning.

    This is the very best open source POS for Linux. If you spend your resources making a windows version, you will merely spin your wheels. At this rate, it is poised to become a contender for industry leader / standard. By improving Lemon for Linux, you are getting ENORMOUS leverage for your time.

    That said, there are still features missing from the Linux version, such as integrated touchscreen keyboard. Lemon is still conspicuously absent from the Debian / Mint / Ubuntu repositories. I had to manually install a SQL database, which i don't mind doing but why should that be necessary. If you want to expand your user base, start there.

    Windows users will require much more support and you will need to hold their hand and focus all your documentation on Windows versions of the software. If a Windows user needs Lemon, they can get KDE for Windows. Let someone else fork your code and do all the babysitting they want.

    Security, low resources, and dependability are what make Linux an ideal platform for point of sale. The only problem is the software! That's where you guys come in, and thank you VERY much!

  • Andy - 8 years ago

    I'd like to have a Windows version if the developer in charge is a different person from the ones doing the Linux version so as not to take away development resources from Linux. If I finally decide to use Lemon POS at the store, it would definitely be the Linux version. Day to day, I just use Windows for email etc. and don't have a Linux computer laying around. I have spent two days preparing a Linux testing environment just for Lemon POS -a Windows version would be awesome just to give it a test drive.

  • Les - 8 years ago

    I voted no, because I would like to see efforts go into improving the existing version for Linux first. Better to be excellent on one platform than average on two.

  • TheFacts - 8 years ago

    I think Lemon POS should remain Linux-only, at least for the time being. Development of a Windows-compatible version would take resources away from improving the existing product - energy would be wasted to re-invent the wheel before the existing one is even finished being made.

    Secondly, a major selling point of Lemon POS is its security, much of which is based on the secure nature of Linux. If a user is unable to handle the installation and use of Linux, how can they be expected to know how to adequately secure Windows?

    The Idea of porting this project to Windows is based on the desire to reach more users. This is a double-edged sword, particularly at present when you consider the maturity of the project. Even in Ubuntu, installation of Lemon POS isn't the simplest - it requires use of the CLI for installation of certain dependencies and MySQL setup. Other distros present even more challenges. The average Linux user is generally more experienced than the average Windows user and is therefore more prepared to do what's required to install Lemon POS.

  • Axel - 8 years ago

    Sorry to say this, but you are just shooting a bullet yourselves on the foot by avoiding a Windows version. As much as you don't like Windows, must of your target market are people with no IT knowledge at all!! So when you ask them to move to another OS with no knowledge o how to use it nor anyone who can help them to move, hey prefer to stick with their windows OS.

    Also, people wont move to Linux just to try a free POS because doing that means also trying a new OS their not familiar with. They are just scared of using it unless someone helps them with the process and most of your target out there just don't have that kind of person next to them, so they just keep wondering about that free OS they are afraid of trying and they keep using their windows OS. I know there are live cds to try Linux distros so you can try Lemonpos on top of that without installing anything, but that's just too much complicated for "NORMAL PEOPLE". You forget your real market is not IT educated so they won't suffer just because you think moving to Linux is "nice".

    Forcing someone to use a kind of OS is like Microsoft forcing you to pay for something.

    Me, I'm looking for a free POS now. I tested OpenBravo and its child uniCenta. I just didn't like them, but it was easy to test because I use windows and I got my answer on a couple minutes. With LemonPos I have to download an Ubuntu LiveCD, and install LemonPos (I hope is that easy as I've read). Anyway even doing that is painful because I just want to test LemonPos. I'm not sure it's the solution for my needs. I can overcome the problem easily and test it even if it's more work than it should be by having a windows version to test. The problem are the millions of guys out there who don't know about live cds or something straightforward to test lemonpos, so they will just NOT test it and YOU are loosing users.

    I'm from a third world country where open source solutions are highly welcomed, but also culture is oriented to buy piracy because it's really easy and no one will do anything against you. Also Windows is highly used in ilegal way, so I can say it's pretty much free for most business (seriously). On top of that there are a lot of POS solutions available in piracy, so IT uneducated people here will prefer to buy a Windows OS and a POS paid software in piracy mode paying something like 15 dollars and they'll get their windows solution for nothing and immediately. For this kind of people, having to move to an unknown OS, compiling, installing, etc, is just too much work and time, so they'll better pay $15 for a piracy solution instead of Lemonpos... and millions will do just the same.

    Me and a lot of friends I've talked to got more interested on Linux distros when we realized a lot of tools we used on Windows were already available on Linux, just because we would be able to stop using illegally windows. People in my country don't love to steal windows OSs, but will do it if necessary (cheaper than moving to Linux because THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO).

    Please take my comment seriously and do Lemonpos a big favor. This project will grow more and faster if you open yourselves just as your software already is.

    Be open!

  • Abdellah - 8 years ago

    I voted for Don't Care. Either you choose, it will be OK.

    Yes?, ie. more resource to be put for that edition. Also I don't like supporting such kind of OS's.

    No?, I advise my friend to move FREE OS's as Ubuntu. I prefer smooth move.
    Because MS Windows is full of NoN free softwares. That makes migration too difficult. I start laughing when they ask me if there is any Firefox?

  • BrokenEmpires - 9 years ago

    You guys need to research logistics. I agree that this is a linux POS. But you have to have a windows version, ones you get them hooked on that, theyll realize they don't need windows because linux has everything they need but everything is free. IDK personally I say you should make windows version I will donate money when I see a windows version.

  • darq - 9 years ago

    Yes, the primary customer base is linux, focus on that.

    There is a demand for a good open source point of sale software, as I do not want to purchase windows, then purchase a very expensive point of sale software on top of that....

  • NoNo No - 9 years ago

    This is a LINUX pos NOT a windows pos. It makes people go TO linux.

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