McCain or Hayworth?

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Poll posted 10 years ago.


  • CWren - 10 years ago

    I will NEVER forgive or FORGET that McCain was happy to let Border Patrol agents Nacho Ramos and Jose Compean rot in prison. Hayworth worked for their release.

  • barry - 10 years ago

    jOHN IS A WORN OUT PATEHTIC man who should be booted out of the Senate. He has exhausted his time in office, and should apply for a job in the beer distributorship sweeping floors. He may learn to understand what it means to work for a living, rather than sucking the blood from the citizenry. He has no passion for the Senate any longer, is not the voice of the RNC, as he would like to be, and the use of am ibeam to give him a spine won't work either.
    The best bet for the RNC, and the people of AZ, is to send JD Hayworth to Washington.

  • kenneth Bobitz - 10 years ago

    The honorable senator McCain is no Lucas McCain.

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