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  • Travis - 13 years ago

    I'll be honest; most of what you post doesn't really interest me. I am in particular not interested in anything having to do with the market...

    But, every now and then, there is something you feature which is really just wonderful, and I am so glad to have free access and to be following your blog and Twitter. The Contemporary Tibetan Art highlighted today is beautiful, and extremely deep and complex in meaning, tied closely into Tibetan culture, not trying to be pretentious, artsy, "modern" art, and making references to Buddhist stories, meanings, figures, forms, and motifs. *This* is the kind of work, distinctly Asian and speaking directly to Asian traditions and artistic traditions, that I love to see and to read about.

    I hope that you can afford to continue to provide the blog and whatever other content for free (with or without advertising). If you want to produce other content that you wish to charge for - such as a print journal, admission to events, membership that grants certain privileges, I dunno - then by all means go ahead and do that.

  • Zophia - 13 years ago

    Frankly, I dont really like most of this kind of art anyway. It is pretentious and shock-value oriented. It doesnt matter much if you include a bit of advertising, to help you out...cos anyway, I;m afraid I will just block my subscription if I get trashy porno stuff called 'art', or Jackson Pollock-y blobs, or dead cat heads from Brett Whitely, or too many advertisements! It's so simple really. Or any more Andy Warhol/ Marilyn Monroe/ Elvis Presley take-offs or so...Life is bigger than that, life is FULL of art, please do find something fresh.....and no, I do NOT like some of that silly 'arty' stuff clogging up the public space in Macau...I was not impressed.

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