What Is John Scalzi's Super Secret Project That He Can't Tell You About But Will, Soon, Or So He Says (If You Can Believe Him, Which Maybe You Shouldn't)?


  • Rob - 13 years ago

    I said the Wil Wheaton thing. But maybe it's the video game thing. If it is the video game thing, I wonder if you don't have something to do with Halo movie. :)

  • Johne Cook - 13 years ago

    Ok, clearly nobody took this at all seriously. Because it should be a videogame based on a movie, the movie being the big news, and the videogame being the lesser news as part of the obvious movie tie-in. I mean, Avatar the movie, $2B+ and counting. James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, 58% out of 100% at Metacritic.

  • Sean - 13 years ago

    Cheerios: the Adventure Continues 64: the Movie

  • Sara - 13 years ago

    Hello! It's so wrong that you are pregnant. I mean this late in life Scalzi? Have you thought about it? You will be in your 60's and paying for college. Bad choices.

    In the future you should consult me before you go through all the various mutations necessary for you to bear children.

  • a different phil - 13 years ago

    You missed "all of the above".

  • Jess - 13 years ago

    DUDE. Whatever the project actually is, the Jonathan Coulton thing NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Please? I will bring you maple bacon cupcakes. *enticing eyebrow waggle*

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