Which Ohio license plate do you prefer?
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  • chris - 11 years ago

    The birth place of flight and that's the best you guys can do ! Come on Ohio , I know you guys could do better !!!!!

  • cindi pochatek - 12 years ago

    Why was a designer not involved in this MASSIVE opportunity to graphically represent our state proudly????? . I am so annoyed about this ugly plate. It does not match any color car and for some reason feels trashy.

  • John Gibson - 12 years ago

    These new plates are UGLY. You should keep the Red, White, and Blue Plates. Why did the BMV let the Governor's Wife pick this Design? IT STINKS.

  • Jackie - 12 years ago

    These plates are CRAP! Ever see the email going around with funny comments about children's drawrings? ie "Ding ding, here comes the shitmobile". Well these plates could be added to that email. It looks like a 2nd grader drew them. Red, white and Blue should always be on our plates and OHIO should be prominent.

  • PJ - 12 years ago

    We need to go back to the good old "HEART OF IT ALL" Plates! Also, I want to know who is the genius that picked Ohio's plates to be the same as the Michigan Wolverines colors. C'mon!

  • Mick - 12 years ago

    What's with our government anymore that the "Red, White and Blue" just isn't good enough anymore?

  • terry - 12 years ago

    I don't understand why we need such strong graphics/colors on our license plates....they typically clash with the design and color of the car itself. I spend a lot of time and money choosing just the right car only to put this visual pollution on it. And why is the Governors wife making the decision????

  • Mick - 12 years ago

    The bigger question is how much did this cost OHIO TAXPAYERS to have some graphic design company waste our money on this? Who cares what a stupid license plate looks like? If the BMV has this much idle time to worry about trivial things like this maybe there are to many administrators that we are paying? Ditto the USPS, every time you turn around they are putting out new stamps and raising prices along with it. What about looking at ways to reduce and cut spending. Don't they know we are in "the deepest recession since the Great Depression". Maybe that's a bad example because Prez. Obama didn't pay attention to that either on healthcare...

  • Larry - 12 years ago

    These new plates leave a lot to be desired. If this is the best that we can do for license plates, it is no wonder we are a state in trouble. Maybe we can get Governor Strickland's wife to buy all of these plates when they leave office since she choose this ugly design. I guess that also shows her lack of understanding what the average person likes.

  • Scott Mental - 12 years ago

    This new plate looks horrible! It is as if they gave a child a box of makers and this is what they came up with. I remember when you looked at an Ohio license plate and it felt like Ohio. This new one looks like we are from Iowa, where they need playful plates to add to the vast nothing that these plan states encompass.

  • Bill - 12 years ago

    "Beautiful Ohio" could also be called "Beautiful" Nebraska, or "Beautiful" Missouri...nothing stands out that says it's Ohio. I'm guessing that graphic designers didn't have much input into this design.

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