Are religious services an important factor to your cruise experience on Carnival?

  • Regina - 10 years ago


    I think if you could have pulled some Easter eggs out from somewhere and hid them on the dock in Galveston on Easter Sunday your passengers may have been happier. We watched the web cam that day because we sail next Sunday. The fog had to be very depressing. Passengers were posting up to the minute reports about the delays. I'm sure that there were many good Christians on that sailing wishing they were at a religious ceremony.

    Can't wait to meet you,

  • angie - 10 years ago

    Carnival could simply use programs similar to other cruise lines (I don't want to write the name of the program without their permission but they work wth several cruise lines). Cruise lines offer pastors a free cruise in exchange for their services. Not only do the pastor provide a non-denominational (as much as possible) Sunday service, they also are available for counseling (if someone becomes ill, goes overboard, or dies), Bible Study, devotions, etc. And it's available for passengers AND crew. I'm a pastor, and when I am on vacation, I am still a pastor! It's not something I can ever turn off! When my husband was in the hospital recently, he was ministering to the family of the person in the next room. When we are on a cruise (or a similar vacation) many people learn quickly that we are pastors, but if we were "officially" available, it would be more beneficial. It wouldn't cost much for carnival- just a free cruise or two, but it could be invaluable to someone, especially if there's a tragedy on board.

  • David - 10 years ago

    As a church employee, I can say that when I go on a cruise vacation, I am going on vacation. Now I know that will make some people question my personal faith, but that's just it, it is personal. Being that I am expected to be at my post on the major Christian Hollidays, I more than likely would not be sailing on Christmas and Easter. So, if having a service or Mass is important to someone, maybe they should look at sailing when it is not Easter or Christmas. That way they can be in church for those days. I would like to see more choices for Saturday sailings, as the Sunday ones means 2 weeks off for 1 weeks vacation, but that's just me, you see, I am in Church the rest of the year.

  • Katina - 10 years ago

    Vacations are vacations, we go to have fun, and Carnival is so much fun, that they make you forget about daily things, if I'm so concerned about missing this important holiays, I would definitely not book a cruise during this days, I'll rather stay home and enjoy them with family.

  • Jackie S. - 10 years ago

    In all honestly, I would not book a cruise during holidays when I would typically go to synagogue, so for me, religious services are not important on a cruise, or on any vacation.

  • cruisin'lovebirds - 10 years ago

    Perhaps the schedule of the Denver TV channels could be checked by Carnival home office and the CDs notified to publish various religious services' times in the Capers (or whatever its new name is).

  • Kathy M - 10 years ago

    I feel that on important religious times like Easter, Christmas, Passover and etc, YES, Carnival should have someone on board for these services. Maybe they could work something out with the Miami Archdiocese or a Synagogue.

  • Big Ed Konefe - 10 years ago

    I have said this way back I think the first time this issue came up on the blog. I’m sure if Carnival contacted the heads of the different faiths in Miami they would love to furnish Carnival with videos of their service. They may even make them directed to people on a cruise ship. These videos could be shown in cabins on the TV or for those that would like it in a group setting in one of the lounges.

  • Di - 10 years ago

    As much as I would like to have a 'worship service' onboard, I think it would be too difficult to make everyone happy. Different people of different faiths would protest that the services weren't appropriate. So unless you were able to provide for each group, I highly doubt it would work.

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