Does your iPad charge through the USB port on your computer?


  • Jgffbnnh - 11 years ago

    When I charge my iPad in the wall it will not work HELP ME !!!!!!!!!

  • Eric - 11 years ago

    I have an ipad with several chargers, a few days ago i tried plugging it into a wall outlet and it gave me a difficult time it isnt taking charge at all, can anyone tell me whats the problem?

  • gfh hfgh fg - 12 years ago

    My iPad charges fine using my iMac in MacOSX
    My iPad does not charge using the same iMac in WindowsXP

  • jim - 12 years ago

    Ipod had charger included, someone too dumb to empty the entire box; she will remain nameless.
    sorry Mr Jobs
    ipad charges rapidly.

  • jim - 12 years ago

    no way to charge my ipod
    bloody rip off, just like selling a car without wheels.
    i wont buy another apple product despite the hype because i won't know how i'm being scamed.
    back to japanese, just like my cars.
    sucks to you Mr Jobs.

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