What game should be made?

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  • Coolie - 12 years ago

    If anyone's played Homeworld before knows that it's an amazing game and a new one should come out. Homeworld 3!

  • Edmond - 12 years ago

    A new version of SSX (or at least a patch that allows the previous versions to work properly on my PS3). An HD version of it would just melt in my mouth though!

  • kobe23 - 12 years ago

    They should make: the Lord of the Rings Universe RPG in Mass Effect style !

  • Dionysus - 12 years ago

    They should make "Empire: Total War 2" - like the old one but with way more provinces (defeating the french empire by capturing Paris is no fun) and make more african/asian provinces. I'm not really interested in Napoleon: Total War since it's too focused on one aspect of history which is'nt really the point of the series in my opinion.

  • meh - 12 years ago

    What about Just Cause 2 Mp?????

  • Alex - 12 years ago

    Final Fantasy Tactics 2 for PS3 with online multiplayer! anyone?! ANYONE!?

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