Which of the five most common dreams have you had?


  • Boetie - 2 years ago

    I dreamt of being chase by Police for wearing police uniform, they catch me and I try to run away again but they are everywhere and caught me again. I was tired when I woke up.

  • Muhumed - 3 years ago

    I didn,t want any more because you soak my blood 17 yrs

  • Jorghe - 6 years ago

    My dreams are almost always about buying new shoes. I've purchased:
    dress shoes (recurring)
    running shoes (recurring)
    rocket shoes
    Irish dancing clogs
    trampoline shoes
    ballet shoes (recurring)
    roller skates
    bowling shoes
    cowboy boots (recurring)
    I have anxiety that I will buy clown shoes next

  • Anon. - 11 years ago

    A few times ago when I was ten, I had these dreams where I started out playing with my childhood friends on a lush green hillside; then we heard footsteps, and a bunch of adult dinosaurs appeared and were chasing us. We found a van which was controlled by buttons on the wall and we drove through the maze of skyscrapers that made up the city, the dinosaurs hard on our heels. Then we were out of the city, and there was a dark moat with a medieval drawbridge over it. One of my friends pressed the accelerating button on the wall of the van, and we zoomed over the drawbridge to a small island in the middle of the foul moat. The dinosaurs were coming, closer, closer, closer... My friends and I formed a plan then - we would wait until the last second, then speed between the dinosaurs' legs and make a run for it. So, that's what we did. My heart was pounding in my ears as we drove under the dinosaurs' leathery bellies..... And then I awoke from my slumber.

  • Aura - 11 years ago

    I once had this dream, that I was lost in this city that was slowly crumbling to the ground, and people were killing infants, but there was this one I didn't recognize that I knew I had to save. Then there was also this guy with long blond hair that kept trying to get me to go a certain way, and I couldn't figure out why, but he was so insistent. I ended up grabbing the child and running away. It was like midevial England or something. Like maybe a a arena there was like a stone building of some sort it was a ll centered around.

  • ryza - 13 years ago

    I used to dreams that i am flying high through the vast mountains & water lakes . if i am nearly dropped low i have to think high so that i will not touch the grounds.I can command my body just by concentrating not to drop sometimes its the opposites. just doesn't know what does it mean.
    Even now i sometimes dream the same dreams that i had since I i was 12 years old. and i like the feeling. so free and spirited . please do tell me about my dreams. Sometimes if i think or concentrate on something the result is good and beneficial on my part.

  • anya o.c - 14 years ago

    i use to find my self in a place i didnt know or a place i ve never been before....
    and i do fly in the dream when ever people are after me....

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