My Top 10 "Fat Tax" Foods

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  • Shirley sternberg - 7 years ago

    To buy a salad at Sumo Salad + water costs $10.50 minimum, to buy McDonald's meal would cost $5.95, go figure, this is why we are battling obesity, surely it costs less for lettuce leaves, veg and a bit of protein? I think fast food should be overly expensive then no one would by it.

  • Bubbles - 8 years ago

    Finally people are starting to see the light. All the sugar in our 'modern' civilized diet is killing us. I am so happy to hear that these issues are being talked about. Maybe the 'scientists' and 'experts' will become accountable to the population, as opposed to being onboard with where ever their funding is coming from. All the funding for the studies and surveys comes from the big food companies, and they are only interested in what is going to sell. It is capitalism gone wrong.

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