What's your experience with bad boys?

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  • Michelle - 12 years ago

    Women who date bad boys are obviously deeply insecure, immature failures. They have failed in shaking off an over-protective bubble of being a spoilt daddy's girl, who can't stand on her own two feet nor stand her own ground. Unable to face life without someone to protect them, they fall for anything in trousers that seems to emanate the protection and excitement they had with their doting dads. Once they've bagged their ultimate protector they manipulate him, waving him around like a sledgehammer - giving her a sheer rush of power and excitement knowing she can say and do anything she pleases, safe in the certain knowledge that she'll be protected - just like she was when daddy unreservedly looked out for her when she was a younger little madam. With such adrenalin, excitement and sex hormones pumping through her being these "women" elusively fantasize that rough boy must also mean rough in bed too - ultimate excitement! Ha! Not from what I've heard, and if these guys are that good in bed does she seriously think he's reserving that just for her with such a "super-stud/ bad-boy" reputation to live up to?! Sadly, a lot of "women" who fall for such "men" clearly don't know the difference between fantasy and reality until it's too late, because they've lived in a fantasy world all their spoilt, sheltered lives. And their "hard men" usually turn out to be nothing more than self-centered, mummy's-boy wimps themselves, but this doesn't stop such "women" disengaging their brains to live in such complete, fantasy stupor and fall for such charms over and over again. She's usually middle aged by the time she's learned the painful and hard truth that such wantonness has befallen her, and by that time, due to her own repeated choices, and still unable to accept her own part in her downfall in such relationships she's got herself into with these wimps, she's become hardened, bitter, twisted and sexually frustrated, yet has the temerity to label all men as being the same. So a typically spoilt, insecure, blame-shifting little girl to the end.

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