Who is the best GOP candidate for 2012


  • Hank Osborne - 12 years ago

    Sad to see liberal / progressive / socialist (RINO) Romney get so much support in this poll. He is the Republican poster child for government run health care. He is a left leaning moderate republican at best. Of course that could change depending on what he needs to say to get elected.

    We need a Chris Christie in the White House.

  • Mike Ramsey - 12 years ago

    I think Mitt would be a great pres, but i see the same problem as b4. Closed minded fools will not touch him because of his faith. It makes no difference that he is a business man and he spent his money in the last race, the people will not touch him. They will let another liberal / progressive / socialist in the WH first.

  • don - 12 years ago

    Chris CHristie has the balls to stand up to the Unions

  • namvet527 - 12 years ago


  • John - 12 years ago

    Col. Allen West is the man and he can win!

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