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Who would win in a fight: Amazon Kindle or Apple iBooks? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 2,554

  • iSore - 14 years ago

    I imagine few of those who voted own both, while the iPad is admittedly flashier as an ebook reader it would be annoying, the back light causes the same glare eye strain as a monitor. The whole point behind the Kindle/Nook etc was they read just like a book, you cant say that about the iPad.

  • bob - 14 years ago

    Is the ipad really better or are people just listening to the loudest voice in the room?

  • David - 14 years ago

    I prefer to read my Kindle books on an iPad with the Kindle app. Amazon has many more books and the ibooks app isn't available on the iPhone (Kindle is).

  • Eddie Velasquez - 14 years ago

    I bet the majority of those polled have never used a Kindle, or an iPad for that matter. The iBooks interface is full of impressive UI gimmicks that work great for demos but get annoying after you use the device for "real". When comparing the Kindle DX and the iPad as ebook READERS, in my opinion, the Kindle DX wins hands down. Additionally, if you want to browse the web, read emails and such, and don't already have an iPhone, go for the iPad.

  • Elianastar - 14 years ago

    Who took the poll? I have a Kindle and adore Apple products. But pitting the iPad against the Kindle is ludicrous, on all sorts of levels. No doubt, the overwhelming majority of voters have never seen a Kindle, most likely have never used an iPad, and voted based solely on emotion. You cannot compare a device designed from the ground up to provide the best READING experience, with a device that was designed to be an oversized iPod Touch! It's like comparing a Mercedes with... a pontoon boat. Which is best depends entirely upon where it is you are trying to go!!! If you want to READ, you get a Kindle. If you want to read your email, watch movies, surf the net, you get an iPad... or your laptop or desktop computer. We've got Apple products coming out our ears in our house... Airport Express (2), Airport Extreme (2), Tower & monitor, 2 laptops, iMac, iPhone, iPod Touch, three other iPods, and various Apple accessories and software... but I'd only take an iPad if someone gave it to me free. I simply cannot see the point. I can stuff my iPhone in my pocket or purse and do everything on it, or an iPod Touch, that I can do on an iPad. If they ever add a camera and a G4 data package, I'd trade my iPhone in for an iPod Touch in a heartbeat! But it's too big to stick in my pocket or any purse I care to carry. My Kindle fits just fine in my purse, but if I want to do the kind of reading I'm going to do commuting, I just use my Kindle iPhone App... WHY would I spend another $400+ AND another data package to do what I can already do on my iPhone? That's just dumb when Amazon has a gazillion more books already online to download... FREE download any where I am... and a no-glare reading experience any where I am. I just don't understand why everyone insists on comparing two entirely differently devices as though they are the offer the same features. You can't do a "head to head" comparison with a car and a airstream. They just aren't the same thing.

  • Diegotzin - 14 years ago

    Well... let just hope doesn't kill reading as well

  • RR - 14 years ago

    ibooks will only win if it gets a better library. right now it is too light and so i still use kindle more.

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