Do you think Ken Borton was ticketed unfairly?


  • jerrold johnson - 13 years ago

    Ken, Just found your site and thoroughly enjoy it and what you are trying to accomplish. No Michigan haters down here in Texas, but there are alot of welcome signs out for Michigan transplants trying to find a better environment for employment or starting their own business. If you are Conservative and believe in the goodness and history of the United States of America; welcome to the Lone Star State.

  • bob - 13 years ago

    I have noticed an article from the Detroit Free Press and their writer (not) Mr. Drew Sharp which
    probably is the most ignorant individual in regards to this issue or other sports topics. I have never
    seen him post on site. Send him back to where ever Michigan haters come from. Ohio I think!

  • Sherrill - 13 years ago

    I don't think it was fair for Ken to receive the ticket in the first place. I'm definitely glad that Judge Morse overturned the ticket. Hopefully this won't happen in the future to Ken or anyone else just enjoying the birds. Also, to the people or person that turned Ken in for the animals showing up, apparently they don't understand where we are located in Michigan that it is normal to have more than birds show up for the food in the feeders whether it be a wild animal or a tame animal. You just can't always control what shows up. It is the same thing as feeding hummingbirds and then the bees or flies show up for a taste of the nectar being offered. You probably aren't feeding the bees or flies or baiting them but it sure happens.

  • terry johnson - 13 years ago

    I think ken was well in his right to challenge the DNR over this matter,where i live in the UK this would have never gone to court to start with.

    Ke Bortons Site WWW.SNOWMANCAM.COM is very popular throughout america and the rest of the world and i am so glad to see that through him having this site has made a difference to a lot of people and i know that his site has been benificial to some members on the site, all ken does is to let people see what the weather is like there thats why i first got involved,its nice to see other things like the bear and the occasional dfeer passing through so to get a Misdemeana is absolutely unbelievable and i am glad the judge dropped the case i just hope for kens sake that the DNR do not want to take this further.

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