Where do you design web sites?


  • Kirillus - 12 years ago

    In a head and it is valid so preliminary constructions go therefro )
    Then in a Photoshop, tried in Illustrator, but not so it is convenient. And in general, I have now started to work with Axure.

  • Semmu - 12 years ago

    design in GIMP, code in gEdit, via Ubuntu ;)

  • GeoRge! - 12 years ago

    Web starts in Paper.

  • Steve - 12 years ago

    I wonder how many of the folks who voted for Photoshop have given Fireworks a try? Photoshop used to be my default choice as well, but after working for an employer who insisted that I give Fireworks a shot, I use it exclusively. It's faster and more nimble. Photoshop has it's advantages for photo editing, but Fireworks seems much more Web design friendly to me.

  • kumbi - 12 years ago

    1. paper
    2. photoshop
    3. html

    see @adam

  • david - 12 years ago

    First i work out in my head or on paper the structure of the site, and what content needs to go on the individual pages. Then i mock it up in Photoshop and transfer it to HTML in Dreamweaver (though i never use the WYSIWYG features).

  • Tom Hermans - 12 years ago

    I used to design the whole thing in Photoshop, then slice it to XHTML/CSS, but lately have been designing/wireframing in browser and adding the eyecandy with Photoshop later. Works well.
    About ppl designing in Illustrator, this is just bad practice. Logo's, vectors etc ok, but whole websites ?? no..

  • Henrik Kjelsberg - 12 years ago

    +1 on the way Stewart does things.
    I tend to do alot more than just mockups in illustrator though.

  • Rogier - 12 years ago

    @Ignacio. People who design in photoshop don't know why Adobe built Photoshop! Not to design in! Drawing and designs are made in illustrator, Photo's are edited in Photoshop!

  • AM - 12 years ago

    I agree with SGD. I used to use photoshop, but once I tried fireworks I never looked back! So much easier for web.

  • ejosvp - 12 years ago

    THE GIMP!!

  • Simon Carr - 12 years ago

    Photoshop + Firebug

    I use photoshop exclusively for the design.... Firebug becomes my visual editor once the design starts to get translated into code. Firebug is great for changing out typography elements, because web browsers do not render fonts the same as photoshop. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jon Phillips - 12 years ago

    @SGD: Totally agree ;)

  • SGD - 12 years ago

    For those of you still in Photoshop, I hardily encourage you to give Fireworks a try. I made the PS --> FW switch back in 2004, and never looked back. The pixel-level precision of FW, for me, is so much better than PS, which is still, at its heart, an image editing and manipulation app. Plus, being able to quickly kick out clickable mockups as PDFs, or spit out components to Flash or Dreamweaver is a huge timesaver.

    Try it. You won't be disappointed.

  • Kuroi Kenshi - 12 years ago

    I start on paper and then translate my designs to html and css via haml and sass, using the compass framework.

  • Jon Phillips - 12 years ago

    Fireworks as much as possible

  • webjude - 12 years ago


  • Enrique Ramírez - 12 years ago

    Fireworks all the way.

  • Matt Bridges - 12 years ago

    I use the Gimp only because I don't own Photoshop yet!

  • Ri Z - 12 years ago

    On paper! I wireframe and sketch, then I go right to HTML and browser previewing.

  • Kevin Kupillas - 12 years ago

    paper > ps > html

  • Judith - 12 years ago

    Back and forth between photoshop and dreamweaver, it's an iterative process. But these days, content first, so wireframing is a big part of the design process.

  • Luis - 12 years ago

    The Gimp, Bluefish for the code if in Ubuntu or Notepad++ if in Windows.

  • Matthew James Taylor - 12 years ago

    I always design My websites on pencil and paper. Then I write my semantic HTML. And lastly I style it all with CSS.

  • Petra - 12 years ago

    Inkscape www.inkscape.org

  • depatru - 12 years ago

    photoshop is king!

  • Karen Fojas Lee - 12 years ago

    Oh yes Photoshop!

  • Dave Seipp - 12 years ago

    Sketches and scribbles, if I have lots of time on the design and i'm out I put important ideas in my iphone notes, also carry a moleskine with me most of the time, but a good pencil and any scrap of paper's good.

  • Anne - 12 years ago

    Usually do a rough sketch on paper then have a-go in Photoshop! If I'm particularly evil I'll just go straight for Photoshop. :)

  • Paulo Freitas - 12 years ago

    GIMP to design, gEdit/Geany to code and Ubuntu to make this possible. :P

  • Todd - 12 years ago

    Photoshop is the centre of the universe.

    Having said that, I'm inspired to try Fireworks, seeing how many people on here use it. Would you use PS AND FW, or either-or tho ? And do you still ultimately end up in DW regardless ?

  • james - 12 years ago

    gPHPEdit and Gimp and just about to try out Geany

  • pk - 12 years ago


    Can't imagine using Illustrator for web pages.

  • Jaylin - 12 years ago

    I start designing in the moleskin journal :D

  • Long Nguyen - 12 years ago

    I hate Photoshop. It takes an eternity to do everything.

  • Marijus Urbonas - 12 years ago

    GIMP :)

  • Glauco - 12 years ago

    To design my web sites, I use basically the Fireworks, after defined the structure and layout, I use photoshop to enhance the details.
    But the base is defined by Fireworks. If the web site have animations, Flash is the tool.

  • Adam - 12 years ago

    1. I *design* on paper.
    2. Photshop for just adding colors & effects.
    3. then HTML for functionality. Done!

  • David - 12 years ago

    Poll seems a bit pointless to be honest, until adobe bring out something better it's always gonna be Photoshop on top.

  • Doug S. - 12 years ago

    Other: In my head.

    The rest is just tools to make it happen and that tool depends on the idea.

  • Laren - 12 years ago

    I design in an exclusive webdesign software: Fireworks.

  • roycifer - 12 years ago

    markup first, css second, photoshop last.

  • automobi.li - 12 years ago


  • Ignacio - 12 years ago

    People that design websites in Illustrator have no idea.

  • Carlos Elias - 12 years ago

    Normally I sketch something up and then write some Haml and Sass in TextMate with StaticMatic which saves me a LOT of time.

  • Stuart - 12 years ago

    Fireworks is quick and easy for designing a site.

  • Linda Nisbett - 12 years ago

    I prefer to design in Photoshop and while designing I keep in mind which elements I can replicate using CSS so that the site isn't image intensive

  • babs - 12 years ago

    a mixture of designing in my good old paint shop pro and then building it with html. but i now also use Moonfruit.

  • Bryan Hoffman - 12 years ago

    Photoshop and Illustrator. I've always wanted to give Fireworks a try though. Maybe if/when I get CS5.

  • Seo2 - 12 years ago

    Fireworks to desing and Coda to code.

  • Nick - 12 years ago

    Paper >> HTML.

  • Stewart - 12 years ago

    This isn't fair, I start on paper, move to illustrator to make wire mocks and then dress it up in Photoshop.

  • Handrus - 12 years ago

    If its something very usual I just jump into the Web Browser, if it requires more creativity than 1st paper and than Photoshop

  • inboundcommerce - 12 years ago

    on my golden throne!

  • Jenni - 12 years ago

    Not on Ning anymore!

  • John - 12 years ago

    definitely photoshop

  • josh - 12 years ago

    play around with some sketches, create a general layout in html, use the browser to style using image editing programs where needed

  • Aaron White - 12 years ago

    i use The Gimp.

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