Do you even care about the Verizon Nexus One?

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  • h bannister - 10 years ago

    I am excited that the incredible is finally out of the bag and heading to Verizon, however, if the Evo 4G was heading to Big Red, I would buy it in a heartbeat. My moto Droid works too well and has too many of the same features to upgrade to the incredible. I want SCREEN SIZE in addition to the added memory that the Incredible provides. The specs of the Incredible look good, but the Evo 4G look truly incredible. Bring the Evo 4G and I will buy 2!

  • Jabbo the Hott - 10 years ago

    @The One: Same joke on like 10 websites, charlie murphy.

  • Shy guy - 10 years ago

    The nexus one is a lot better-looking, IMO. Since I will be paying full price for either device, when I look at the Incredible, for some reason I wouldn't want to spend $550 on it, maybe it's the cheap plastic back. Also, I prefer stock Android to Sense. However, my patience is running thin. I don't know what I'll buy...

  • Gary - 10 years ago

    If you wait for the N1 you, you might as well wait for the next phone to be announced and you are going to want that phone. Unless a carrier get the phone first you do not want it when it comes out finally as there are new greatest and best phones. (palm for example, had it come to verizon before android it would not have to sell the company)

  • BillW - 10 years ago

    Don't care about either -- happy enough with the Driod.

  • The One - 10 years ago

    Given the fact that the Incredible has everything the Nexus One has, plus 8MP camera, 8GB of internal memory, Sense UI, in store support......getting the Nexus One makes no "SENSE"

  • BizzleNYC - 10 years ago

    They are not too different to me. Given that (and I don't care for the trackball), having the ability to hold the device and play with it prior to purchasing is a big deal for me. I spend way too much time on the phone to take a risk of an "Internet only" purchase.

  • jonathan - 10 years ago

    It's trackball really annoys me to be honest, and also the annoyance of it being shipped and having a problem means shipping it back, etc. I like stock Android, and N1 is a beast, but I hate the trackball, they are last gen, get dirty visually, get dirty and dusty and dont work as well, etc.

  • bmiller - 10 years ago

    I don't understand someone waiting a couple more months so that the updates come quicker. Really your waiting so that you don't have to wait? The nexus one is going to be outdated way before it even gets released on Verizon.( If it ever does get released now)

  • moises - 10 years ago

    I say yes, just for the simple reason that the nexus one is a google phone there for future updates wouldn't take as long as the incredible would, the htc incredible has htc ui on top of the android os there for making it more difficult to update.

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