What scene from the book you looking forward to seeing in the film?


  • MiQuerida - 14 years ago

    I really, really want to see Jasper's story of the newborns and then meeting Alice. That's one of my favourite scenes in the book as well as Rosalie's story. But if they include everything on the list and actually relate it to the book (ex. when Rosalie tells her story I think that it should happen in the same setting as it did in the book. The book setting was perfect for that one )then I would possably forgive Summit for messing up the rest of the movie.

  • ummhedaya - 14 years ago

    I would really love to see the scene where Edward threatens to break Jakes Jaw for Bella if he kisses her again... especially when he says... thats right...pup! I love that part!!!

  • Teresa - 14 years ago

    I would like to see Jasper's story of Maria but not meeting Alice but of fighting the newborns. I also would like to see Rosalie's story. The others should already be in the movie for they are the main contents of the story.

  • Camila - 14 years ago

    I'm confused: I wanna see all of them! But most of all, I'd like to see Bella agreeing to marry Edward, because it's a very romantic moment and I cried while I was reading that in the book. And also, I'd like to see Bella seeing a possible future with Jacob, because he's really sweet and it would be good for the movie to show an optional story. And of course, the tent scene. I just can't wait to see the movie! Thank you and Stephenie and the actors who made this possible!!!!

  • MeliVel - 14 years ago

    I am really looking forward to the tent scene. It is a very emotional moment for everyone involved. I hope they show all of the emotions and get into the scene instead of just passing over it very quickly. The second scene I can't wait to see is when Edward and Seth work together to destroy Victoria. I can't wait!!!!

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