Should Chevy Add T-Top Option To 5th-Gen Camaro?


  • Jim pruitt - 4 years ago

    Yes, Cameron needs a t-top. Offer it in glass also.

  • craig vermillion - 9 years ago

    Do it before ford. Dose. Get the jump on for a change. Tks

  • craig vermillion - 9 years ago

    Yes. Please. Put t.tops. and. Convterbales too. You'll sell more cars. Tks

  • Sherry Steele - 9 years ago

    I'm still driving my '94 V-6 and I still love the T-tops (had them off today in Seattle!) They slip easily into the slots in the 'trunk' (as mentioned by Steve Walter). This car is still a head-turner (bright red). A good design never goes out of style, and people can't believe my car is 20 years old. It has only been garaged for the last 7 years and the finish is as nice as the day the salesman delivered it to my door--whew! --that was a great day! I think the current models are very bulky-looking, and there's nothing about the style that appeals to me (a woman) in the least. So, yeah, keep it sleek and appealing to a woman as well--please. PS--This is my second Camaro; also had a '69 in Butternut Yellow.

  • Lsa - 9 years ago

    Why do you even need a poll duh yes of course

  • dan - 10 years ago

    Many Camaros had T-roofs and it was one of the most likeable things about the car. The Camaro should have continued to evolve and the retro Camaro should have been called Camaro R. That way if you wanted a less than stellar, half-baked retro Camaro you could order the Camaro R. In 2014 the outdated styling shows strong from the nastily cheap looking plastic grill right back to the nasty new tail lights. Of all the retro muscle cars the Camaro ended up as the worst rendition however, T-roofs would have added some charm. The car is so yesterday someone at GM needs to wake up and do something about it soon. Just because they got it all wrong does not mean it's a bad thing as it leaves the door wide open to get it right.

  • James - 11 years ago

    Its a No Brainer, yes or course But would GM have the common sense to listen to 98% yes votes just as in the past, they won't, Its takes a earthquake for something to change at GM, or bankruptcy for that matter

  • Steve Walter - 13 years ago

    I had a '96 Camaro with T-tops, and loved them. I had no issues with them. I would routinely stop at a red light and take them off before the light turned green. Also, by '96, they had added slots in the back of the car for the removed T-tops to slide into. Made it easy to stow them and kept them safe and clean. If I wanted a car with a moon roof I'd buy almost any other car on the market. Camaros and T-tops are like peanut butter and jelly. They were made to go together.

  • Dave Blickle - 13 years ago

    I have a T-top Camaro Z-28 (1979). Honestly I love them but they are a pain in the butt. Taking them out stowing them, not damaging them...go with a huge slide back moon roof, a convertible, or ask GM to get real creative nad have the T-tops slide back...

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