Should climate modelers start differentiating between man made CO2 and “organic” natural CO2?


  • whatuthinking - 8 years ago

    You should all realize that we need co2 for plant growth..without co2 we would all all have been brain washed. It is just
    Away for the politicians to tax and pocket money for themselves and to control your lives...wake up! Read book called " Climategate" by Brian Sussman

  • blah - 13 years ago

    Only 3% say there should be no CO2. The remainder 97% are just going to Hell; have a nice trip.

  • adriaan - 13 years ago

    I think there will be slight difference in the isotopic fingerprint (12C vs 13C content) of volcanic CO2 compared to CO2 released by burning carbon or other fossil fuel. So the last statement is not completely true.

  • Andy - 13 years ago

    You seem to have missed an obvious option.
    "CO2 from natural sources is less controllable than 'man made CO2' "

    Re-read the poll and I'm sure you will notice that there is a general lack of intelligent response-options.

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