Who Should Be in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

  • David - 11 years ago

    I would love to play an onimusha main character in the game!!!!

  • Paul Williams - 11 years ago

    I personally would like to see Sagat in this game. He's been denied too much.

  • Joe - 11 years ago

    i would say any of the characters from Gargoyles since marvel is Disney now, and of course Phoenix Wright

  • Paul Gerald - 11 years ago

    Any character from Power Stone would be awesome! Preferably I want Ayame or Accel. Wang-Tang is also a good choice since a lot of Power Stone fans will love to see Wang-Tang too.

  • Neithan - 11 years ago


  • wish - 11 years ago

    It would be awesome to have the power of Phoenix Jean Grey in this game. There's been endless debate as to who could beat the DP side of her.

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