Will you watch the upcoming 'Twist of Kate,' or have you had enough Gosselin drama?


  • Connie Pierce - 13 years ago

    I would like to say Kate please go home your attitude is one that is not a good example at all for children. Please please what does this woman want from the audiences all over the world. Poor Kate is all she is worried about and further more she treated John terrible on their show Jon & Kate plus 8. Own up to your actions you are not the only woman that is divorced with lots of kids. Go away to the back woods of Pennisylvania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barbee - 13 years ago

    WHO does tlc think is going to watch kate in either new show? Kate Plus 8 has no viable premise, she's boring and her kids are no longer cute toddlers and many of them do not like the cameras (UNLESS the ending of the show and with it the loss of the FREEBIES got to the kids, like I know it did to kate). And Twisted Kate (know that's not the name but it is more fitting) has nothing going for it either. She has NOTHING to offer anyone of value and no one cares to watch her take a 'theme' and TWIST it around to be about her. (case in point: her comparing her time on bedrest with her babies to the time in the hospital of terminal children).

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