New WUWT theme?


  • ChrisA - 13 years ago

    Great for the visually challenged. Looks fine on my 17"" monitor using XP.

  • papertiger - 13 years ago

    Can only see the header in Firefox. The entire sidebar is misplaced (you can get some of it if you scroll all the way to the bottom).

    I'm basicly in the camp of " if it aint broke why the heck are you trying to fix it".

    Take a hint from Tom Nelson and Instapundit - they both realise that the content is what counts. Decorations are for old women's hats. Toots and whistles are mostly annoying. Ask Lubos if he ever gets complimented on the plethora.

    We skeptics have precious few quality sounding boards so most likely going to grit our teeth and put up with most any wild hair scheme you throw at us. What choice have we got really?
    But you know the purpose of language is communication. You should remember that.
    Don't make it harder then it has to be.

  • Alaric - 13 years ago

    Looks wonderful! I have it on a Gateway ultra hi-def 30" monitor. Firefox and Windows 7.

  • Larry Sheldon - 13 years ago

    And not related to the new stuff, really, but I do not like things that creep, crawl, blink, or otherwise deflect my attention.

    I'll spend a little time learning to block it, but it that takes too much time from my reading, I'll just drop the blog from my must-read list.

  • Larry Sheldon - 13 years ago

    I have not used the new one enough to mhave detailed comments--looks OK.

    But (I wish I new more typography) the type doesn't have as much contrast (needs to be "bolder"?) as my tired old eyes would like.

  • charles tully - 13 years ago

    I find the new layout confusing. I get lost trying to go "from read more" back to the main page.
    I'm not using a new monitor and won't for a while. I have an old laptop with a 14" screen that does not need to be replaced (yet).
    The old layout was easier to navigate.

  • Mike Jonas - 13 years ago

    Please can we have a 'preview' for comments. It's too easy to mis-type or miss an html tag.

    The new format is fine by me. All that really matters is that I can still read it.

  • Greg - 13 years ago

    Makes it look "cheap" like any old blog, I liked the old layout, made it looks nice to read and informative, this white makes it look like a 5th grader blog?

  • HB - 13 years ago

    Beautiful! On my laptop with firefox, it comes up bigger and brighter and appears to have much more "real estate". Great move Anthony. Hope you can sort out the issues the others have cos I think it's a good look! Keep it up Anthony, you're doing wonderful work.

  • Ian Proctor - 13 years ago

    It does not work at all on my computer. Looks like some sort of grey on grey, and I have to scroll right to even see that. OK, I have Windows 2000, but I have never yet had a problem viewing any website ever before.
    Hope it is a temporary problem.

  • chuck - 13 years ago

    Totally unreadable here at work with the ad blocking. It was bad before but usable, but no longer. I wonder if you couldn't fix the format so it still looks decentt when the ads are blocked? A few other sites have that problem, but most of them don't.

  • Pete Olson - 13 years ago

    I find it hard to read - the text is too spread out, and there's much showing of each article before clicking on it and expanding it.

  • MikeA - 13 years ago

    Pity about the font (serif Roman) - but otherwise OK

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