Should journalists participate in political events? (Poll Closed)

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  • Agnes Kline - 5 years ago

    Good grief! Shad is the best news anchor in South Dakota and maybe more. We have truly lost our sense of humor in cases like this. BRING HIM BACK!

  • Leonard J. Legg - 11 years ago

    Well I voted that they should participate in political events. I suppose that what I really mean is that the question is worded wrong. The way I see it, it is none of our business and thereby we have no right to state whether or not they should participate in political events. However they should have the right to participate in political events if they so chose just as any other American citizen. How their employers deal with the situation is a different story as we have no say on how they deem the bias that may place on their ability to objectively report.

  • Samuel Noble - 11 years ago

    Of course! It would be nice to see them off their butts in the white house.It might give them a chance to work out some cramps.

  • Roger - 11 years ago

    Come on, they ALREADY participate in public events and opine, just not from behind the podium!!!

  • StargazerInSavannah - 11 years ago

    It strikes me that if journalists were participants they would no longer be able to claim that they were unbiased.. That would be a good thing!
    Prior to the emergence of Fox News, I had concluded that all journalists wore anti-American leftist jerks like Rather. After fifty years of observing the actions of the MSM I had concluded that a prerequisite to employment by the MSM was either membership in the DNC or CPA.

  • Leigh Otis-Duvalier - 11 years ago

    They already do, it just seems to be offensive if the journalist isn't of a liberal bent. I just noticed on the facebook page of an AP regional editor that she joined a group called something like Why don't we stop blaming Obama for the destruction Bush caused. Should she be suspended?

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