Is Bill Condon a good choice to direct 'Breaking Dawn?'

  • sinai - 12 years ago

    First of all, Breaking Dawn should NOT be in 3D---they should've left that for Eclipse...thanks. AND I DONT CARE. He better do all he can to make this movie a success AND make it gory, romantic, sexual, and all that rated R stuff that Breaking Dawn is about in the first place. ... ...

  • Antonia - 12 years ago

    Honestly I do not think that 3D is a good choice for "Breaking Dawn", this is the last book of the sequel of twilight and I believe its the best one.I love it. I just hope that they pay close attention to the actual book because the book was awsome and its very important because alot goes on in breaking dawn

  • Diana - 12 years ago

    I have read all 4 books three times already. And they are always getting better no matter what. I think Bill Condon is a good choice to direct Breaking Dawn, but please don't shoot it 3D, it will kill the entire vibe the first three films have given off. It's going to be a very suspensful film. The first three directors have done an amazing job with the movies. Hopefully this one turns out just as great.

  • Adriana Ponce - 12 years ago

    I don't think this movie should be in 3D !personally 3D gives me headache! Lol... and I agree with stephanie Alfonso .
    The book is my favorite and it would be great to see as much as we can following the story from the book. ... and I'm honest I didn't see dream girls or Chicago. So I really cant say how he would do but lets hope he gets a good idea and he can make it the best movie ! ;)

  • Katherine - 12 years ago

    I think the idea of the movie being in 3D is completely ridiculous. I believe this director has a lot of potential to make the movie into something incredible and much more enjoyable than the others but if it is made in 3D it will ruin the intensity of the movie. Seeing everything in 3D can eventually become boring. I hope they realize this and knock the idea off the chart. Overall, I believe he will do a good job directing this and can take The Twilight Saga into a whole new level.

  • stephanie alfaro - 12 years ago

    I think he would be a good director, but i would like the movie to be a lot like the book i think a lot of people who are true fan would agree with me and i dont think i would like the movie in 3-D ugh! I think that is so dumb its pointless doing that you cant enjoy the movie right it sucks a lot!... please do the movie based exactly like the book especially that supper good parts.

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