Do you agree with the new Arizona law regarding illegal immigration?


  • proud2blegal - 14 years ago

    Its so unfair what obama is doing. I come from the same country he was born and recently came to the US after a long wait for my immigrant visa in my country. I have been away from my husband for one year waiting for my visit visa to be with my husband. The day I went for an interview, I was so shocked how strict the US immigration is in Kenya, I had to prove to the immigration people that our relationship was real. They asked for my email address and my password. The interviewer read all the emails we exchanged throughout and requested for the phone call bills to prove our communication. We were in a group of like 50 people. I was so shocked to know that only 5 people were given the visas including me. When I came here in the united states, my husband had to file for the 2nd phase of my visa, which is a two year visa awaiting renewal.

    Its so unfair for Obama to do this because a law is a law. If obama cant make a law for everyone, so let him do away with law. I felt insulted when I came here to realize that others were treated differently. Its the time for obama to start treating people without favouring other races. The illegal aliens should be deported and come to the US legal way.

    My husband had to prove to the immigration people that he will for sure be able to take care of my needs, because they didnt want me to be a burden and use the tax payers money. My question to obama is, why are other poeple treated differently? THAT IS VERY VERY UNFAIR.

  • Sarah - 14 years ago

    I am very much in favor of a national ID card that has enough identifying features in it to make sure no one else could use it if it was stolen. Why is it OK with me? Because I don't have anything to hide. Those who would preach about "individual freedoms" are actually advocating taking our security away from us, because we're too open to fraud and other crimes when too many rules and regulations that protect us are taken away or ignored.

    The law in Arizona merely gives an officer the right to determine if someone is in the country illegally - what is wrong with that? If everyone who is here legally (including temporary immigrants) had a smart ID card, it would be much easier to determine whether they have status in this country. But people aren't obligated to show an immigration document because that would be discriminatory, so it's up to them what they want to offer as ID. If they're illegal, it will be a driver's license or a school ID. This law gives enforcement the right to ask for something other than a driver's license. At least give it a chance - it might work.

  • Edward - 14 years ago

    As a second generation immigrant born here in the U.S. I support Arizonas' New Immigration Law.
    If the Government won't eforce its own immigration Law to protect American citizens, then the States have the right to protect themselves from intruders
    Home invasions, gangs, drug smuggling, human smuggling, kidnapping, and murder are done by illegal immigrants coming into this Country and the Government turns a blind eye.

    Remeber 9/11 was the result of the Governments' inaction in kicking out illegal immigrants because their visas had expired.

    If we don't want another 9/11, then we must kick out those who are illegal.
    Also think about this. If you were illegal in another Country would thet deport you or throw you in jail with no contact with the outside?

  • Jose Garcia - 14 years ago

    I am mexican/american and I totally support the Arizona bill. Illegal is Illegal and we cant have law enforcement pick and choose what laws to enforce. Those that oppose this bill care want open borders, amnesty for illegals, and believe in the reconquest of old mexican states. They dont care about legal immigrants, and the legal hispanic communtiy. The majority of hispanic's like this law but are being scared saying that cops will come after them too. Thats bull.

  • Kathy Hodges - 14 years ago

    Every Friday in my small Ky town, Mexicans linbe up 10 or more deep to send moneygrams to Mexico.They are brought here to farm and help in tobacco crops.What would be wrong with the police asking them if they have papers? The ones that are illegal wont have them ...if I were in a foriegn country you had best believe I'd keep my papers with me.Why dont the protesters just shut up...if they are legal they wont have anything to worry about. In Mexico they'd do no tellking what to Americans if they caught us there illegally.Its time for something to be done. AND NO AMNESTY for any illegals.

  • Kathy Hodges - 14 years ago

    The law should have been passed by our president! He wants to stick his nose in everythung else. This is a REAL problem and is draining resources from our schools and governments. The law in Mexico is very strict. The illegals are just taking advantage because WE let them. It is time to put an end to it. If they like America...there are plenty enough of them to take back thier country from the drug cartials and make it a Mexicamericas. My family came through Ellkis Island. There are ways they can come to our country but do it legally.There is nowhere else in the world that allows this. It needsd to stop. The government needs to round them up in every city(especially border towns and take them back to Mexico.@nd time caught 30 days in jail and return, third time a labotomy and returned to Mexico...and since everyone will have free healthcare they wont have to -pay for the labotamies!!!JK

  • Annie - 14 years ago

    If the Federal Government had done its job properly and efficiently we would not be in this chaos. Our government appears to have more compassion and concern for illegals in our country than the American taxpayer. I applaud Arizona for doing what has to be done since our government has stood by and done nothing. Where is the fairness here. Arizona has their citizens being killed, crimes on the rise, and they are now rebelling after given up on our government to do their job. I was truly upset that CA has chosen to boycott AZ. I, for one, will boycott CA and will be one of many. I thought our government WAS FOR THE PEOPLE not for the illegals in this country. BTW, we , as whites are asked everywhere to produce ID before we do many things. We cant fly, get our drivers license or visit any country without producing ID. Are we being racially profiled. What is the big deal. At least give AZ a chance to see how it works for them before going to the courts to repeal this law. Lastly, I am Mexican American. My parents came from Mexico and got their green cards and then went to school to get their citizenship to become Americans. It was a proud day in our family. They lived as Americans, paid taxes and lived the American dream. What a slap to those immigrants who came to this country and paid their dues to become Americans and now witness our Government welcoming illegals to enter our country at the cost to American citizens. Enough is enough. GO ARIZONA !!

  • noraa - 14 years ago

    Jose illegal is not the only illegal immigrants in this country. How much crime is in Chinatown, or Korea town? What about Haitians and Cubans coming in through Miami? Or even immigrants from Russia or Europe coming from New York? Are they going to stop a Russian and ask for his legal status? Even Africans we have millions of them too, will they be stopped? NO! This is why I am angered. Not to mention I am of Mexican descent what if a bigot cop just fells like being an ass ---- with me I am at risk. When I drive out to Whittier, Covina, East side of town the cops do that already, ask Rick. He always says I see how the cops F—k with the Mexicans here. They are constantly getting pulled over for no reason. Now they have an excuse? What about those families who are not criminals or drug dealers? Should they not be treated like humans? Ask Sherriff Joe what he does to them? If the country does not want them to cross the border then send the military in to help our neighbors fight the drug lords! They want and need our help. Instead of wasting time and money fighting in Iraq where we are not wanted or appreciated even hated. Maybe then Mexicans would stay at home if they have a peaceful and stable environment. This would relieve a lot of tax dollars in the long run. When a person has hungry kids they have to do what they have to do to survive. I don’t the drug lords go hungry. No terriost attack was master minded by a Mexican. If I recall Alcaida is the enemy. And most bombings that took place here in the US were by some crazy white folks!

  • Lisa Smith - 14 years ago

    We all need to understand that we are all human beings regardless of what part of the world we all orginate from or are born into. No human being BORN ON PLANET EARTH can ever be an illegal anything. Human beings can be an UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS/WORKERS and at some point might be in a country UNLAWFULLY like most of our ANCESTORS at some point when they migrated to other parts of the WORLD were also UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS and were in the country UNLAWFULLY until our ANCESTORS' DOCUMENTS were STRAIGHTENED OUT. We all as US AMERCIANS pride ourselves as being CARING, COMPASSIONATE, TOLERATING and WELCOMING but as a human being that resides in the USA I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with our BEHAVIORS and the LACK of all the QUALITIES that were mentioned eariler which is EXTREMELY UNAMERICAN. We all as US AMERICANS and above all HUMAN BEINGS have a LOT OF WORK TO DO.

  • Alex Arevalo - 14 years ago

    The reality is that the majority of immigrants that are passing the border are mexican, police officers are not going to be looking for chinese or italians. The situation with the drug cartels, violence and the economic enquality have forced these people to migrate with desperation to the united states. Why are these people not getting political asylum? Mexico is currently experiencing what colombia had to endor during the 80's-90's, narco terrorist groups (cartels) that control the government , there is also the issue of no social reform and economic enequality. It will take a immense effort from the Mexican and U.S. government to control the cartels and to propose a comprehensve immigration plan that can benefit the U.S. and its immigrants.This is an issue that needs to be addressed for the security of our boders.

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