How do you use WordPress?

Posted 9 years.


  • - 1 year ago

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  • With the 3.0 version, WP is a great CMS solution but I prefer others solutions depending on the type of project.

  • tablet laptop - 9 years ago

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  • Anup - 9 years ago

    Wordpress is great and easy to use software. However some of the functions do need extensions - for example using it as a discussion forum. I guess with WP 3.0 putting high hopes of integration with WPMU may lead to a better focus on developing different functionalities.

  • It's an amazing tool that can be used the way you want it. I have more than 4 years using it and i can see the whole potential that can be achieved.

    Version 3.0 will allow much more people use this great tool as both alternatives. By the way, poll daddy is also a great tool.

  • Trampoline - 9 years ago

    I mainly use it for websites like my trampoline website. Besides it's handy for individual blogs to.Before I used Joomla a lot, but it became to heavy for a CMS. Too bad.

  • Sapan - 9 years ago

    I'm testing the Beta releases of WordPress 3.0 and its absolutely phenomenal. WP was a fantastic blogging platform but the features added in 3.0 are geared towards making it CMS, WITHOUT having to use too many plugins for normal site features like navigation drop-downs, seperate (and multiple) areas for widgets, default 2010 theme and updatabe header/background images.

    Once the stable release of WP, I don't think any other CMS stands a chance to compete for small to medium size websites. Couple of important areas where WP can make bigger strides are integration or ability to convert WP sites into e-commerce stores and making WP sites more mobile friendly. I know there are many plugins out there for e-commerce and mobile, but a built-in module will be unbeatable ;-)

    diehard WP fan

  • Linda Lee - 9 years ago

    Loved your talk Matt. Very excited about WP 3.0.
    I hate to even call WordPress a blogging system anymore with my clients.
    I am trying to educate them on what a content management system is. Yesterday a few of your guys I was talking to about this called it a publishing platform. I like that. I am adding that to my description.
    Great day!

  • tryin2learn - 9 years ago

    I jave just switched to WP from Google Blog. It's been a BIG learning curve for me. I write for my own enjoyment and simply the challenge of "learning" how stuff works. I find myself suddenly exposed to hundreds of pages of "how to" instructions - most of which I can't begin to comprehend. I'm gettin' there, one challenge at a time.

  • Cedric - 9 years ago

    You know, WP is so easy to use, with a lot of plug and play features available, that some people might be using it and not actually know what CMS stands for. I actually had to think about it for a second there. :)

  • Reza Prof - 9 years ago

    im now still fro blog. maybe will make CMS and Blog. wordpress is the best ^_^

  • Troy Dean - 9 years ago

    WordPress is being used more and more as a CMS. That's why we made the Video User Manual plugin. A suite of video tutorials for developers to give to clients to train them how to use WordPress as a CMS.

    Check it out at

    Also see our White Label CMS plugin which allows you to re-brand the login and admin screen as well as clean up the dashboard and add your own "Welcome" module on the dashboard for clients.

    We are passionate about Wordpress as a CMS

  • Andre - 9 years ago

    I personally do not use WordPress, instead I use Joomla for my own site. However, because I design themes also for WordPress, I do know a lot of people are moving into the realm of cms based site concepts when using WordPress...very tricky to get anything flexible enough and does require coding skills. I have noticed over the last year it's been something more and more are venturing into - using WP as a full cms. Not sure if WP developers will start to add in more cms functionality but it will be interesting to see where this goes for the next year.

  • Emil - 9 years ago

    @Daniel I am comfortable in any open source PHP platforms, WordPress is my choice.

    Thank You for your opinion,

  • Nick - 9 years ago

    Every site we design is built in WordPress. Drupal we found very unwieldy, don't know much about Joomla. From a client perspective WordPress has a very low learning curve to get them on their way to looking after their own content.

  • Christer Olsson - 9 years ago

    Very few of our client projects uses Wordpress just for blog, many more use Wordpress just for CMS.

  • Carmen - 9 years ago

    I actually use Wordpress for both purposes on now nearly every project I have to do. There are still things missing that I would like to see when talking about a CMS, but I would never change back to other CMSs. Therefore I look forward to WP 3.0!

  • Integrati Marketing - 9 years ago

    Must be about time for the release of WordPress as just a CMS (that would be rock-tastic!) and also retaining the fabulous and superlative WordPress blogging software!

    Thank you WordPress, thank you Automatic, Thank you Matt!


  • Sravan - 9 years ago

    How many here manage more than 2 websites?

  • ambrosite - 9 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed that the welcome email you get whenever you install WordPress is now titled "New WordPress Site" as of the latest 3.0 builds, rather than "New WordPress Blog" like it always was before? Perhaps a subtle sign from the dev team as to the direction they are moving?

  • Pam Harrison - 9 years ago

    My WordPress is integrated with ComicPress, as I host a graphic novel webcomic at my site. After years of hand-coding html to edit the look of my website, here's something that is exactly why I need and is user-friendly. I can blog and update without creating new pages from scratch. I love it.

  • Daniel - 9 years ago

    @Email I think you're terribly wrong. I understand that you're very comfortable with wordpress but it doesn't make it the perfect application for everything, not by far.
    As advanced as wordpress? Oh please...

  • Emil - 9 years ago

    @Daniel using and developing WordPress themes since 2003, used and still using WP as the only CMS for all my clients and both CMS/Blog where needed. There's simply nothing out there that will be as advanced as WordPress, regardless of what your personal preferences are.


  • leslie - 9 years ago

    A lot of us using it as CMS are developing multiple sites for clients, so our votes count extra :)

  • Alex M. (Viper007Bond) - 9 years ago

    @Pablo Almeida: WordPress 3.0 features a TON of new custom post types features.

  • Guran - 9 years ago

    JOOMLA was simple to use as a blog but after changing to Wordpress we found things happening that we needed to do that seem to go OK in WP so far. Looking to see how WP3 will turn out.

  • Melanie - 9 years ago

    I really wish they would expand the pages functions more like they've been saying they were going to, it doesn't get as much love as the post functions do. I have more 'pages' then I do 'posts'.

  • cube - 9 years ago

    Use it for CMS all the time now.
    Is so effortless when a blog grows into a large scale website and I'm really excited to see things like custom post types being implemented - it really shows that Wordpress is your out-of-the-box blog, but can just as easily be a CMS with no extra effort.

  • dmautz - 9 years ago

    My entire job is to create Wordpress CMS websites. It really is a great tool, although sometimes the projects get to be a bit too much for Wordpress to handle. It is lightyears ahead of Drupal and Joomla IMO.

  • Pablo Almeida - 9 years ago

    The WordPress team could invest more time on custom types (for content). The current module helps, but doesn't meet needs that Drupal and Joomla supply. This resource can evolve ... Breathe in the plugin "Pods CMS".

  • Allister - 9 years ago

    Having used it as a plain blog for many years, I have used it for a CMS because I know how it works. I don't want to have to learn a whole new way of doing things. That said, I have rather majorly mucked with my front page to achieve what I want.

  • Wiki Chaves - 9 years ago

    Great pool :) this is something that i wonder ...

  • Caleb - 9 years ago

    im a web developer and i get contracted to do work for two guys, and we use WordPress as a CMS for all of our sites now. it's great, especially when you want to build the site, and then turn it over to the client to manage themselves. especially excited about the release of WP 3.0 and custom post types!

  • Daniel - 9 years ago

    @Emil why? Just because it's easy to develop doesn't mean that it's always suited as a CMS.

  • Jim Doran - 9 years ago

    I'm am using it as a CMS on more and more projects...MORE than a blog, actually.

  • chris stallworth - 9 years ago

    looking for more social media plugin's

  • Emil - 9 years ago

    I think that As a CMS (to manage an entire site) should be much higher.


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