Which Vampires are you most looking forward to seeing in Breaking Dawn?


  • barbie webster - 14 years ago

    you totally left out Peter and Charlotte. I'd like to see Jasper's reunion with them, too.

  • Stacie P. - 14 years ago

    There is more than just one of these vampires that are important in the book. They should be in the movie also. I think….
    The Denali Coven is like family to the Cullen’s, they not only show up at the end of the book, but also in the beginning at the wedding! Tanya must be seen or some kind of image of her, that is who wanted Edward that Bella wonders about. Kate and Garrett play a special role in the book as well. Kate helping Bella with her power and Garrett speaks to help the witnesses understand how the Volturi are. Irina is the reason why the Volturi come for the Cullen’s.
    Zafrina, of the Amazonian coven special ability is to create illusions. She also helps Bella build up her power as well.
    Benjamin’s of the Egyptian Coven plays a big part in the book. He has a great power to control the elements of nature that the Volturi would want him in their group. He helps Bella when Jane and Alec try to attach them with their powers.
    Huilen and Nahuel are found by Alice and Jasper, why they went missing. Their story shows that Renesmee will not be a threat.
    Maybe the Irish Coven should be in it as well. Siobhan is ask to help by Dr. Cullen’s, her ability to course situations, and Maggie sense someone is lying, so there should be at least a little part in there of her when all come to witness the baby Renesmee.
    The Romanian’s would put a little humor into the movie. They hold a grudge against the Volturi, and are willing to do anything for revenge.
    If you must only pick a few I would pick…. Tanya, Kate, Garrett, Zafrina, and Benjamin,
    And my maybes are Siobhan, Maggie, Huilen, Nahuel and The Romanian’s

  • pennyjo - 14 years ago

    I put the denali, I would rather see all of them I only got one choice though. they were all in the book why would they not be in the movie? I would perfer to see all of them though.

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