Miley Cyrus' NEW Image.. (Poll Closed)

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  • Miriam - 10 years ago

    Just another Britney. History will repeat itself.

  • EMMA - 10 years ago

    what a whore. the only thing good about her voice, is that she can sing LOUD + HIGH. She's got a beautiful body, but she's using it wrong. she looks like she's trying to get some. she looks... EASY.
    No, i'm not a hater. I WAS a fan, once long ago. it's just. she's turned into something she's NOT.
    look at her interview and look at the music video. comparison? that's just not her.

  • AyuIndayani - 10 years ago

    I think its nice, let her dress whatever she wants, shes also a human being, human beings have likes, want and whatsoever. :D

  • daisy - 10 years ago

    gosh people she is about to be 18 i have seen 12 year olds whom act as if they were older and are "too sexy" why aren't ya'll on thier case? ohh that's right because they are not famous and aren't making more money then you so ya'll shouldn't hate and try to destroy thier life's right? LEAVE HER ALONE SHE IS AN ADULT AND WORKS FOR A LIVING YA'LL CAN NOT CHANGE WHO SHE IS ; YA'LL WON'T CHANGE HER (MILEY CYRUS CAN'T BE TAMED)

  • chucha - 10 years ago

    my god, shes 17 turning 18 yes she is from disney but let her be its her life, the music video isn't that sexy its just right, plus shes leaving disney and outside disney what sells is sexy.

  • everybodychanges44444 - 10 years ago

    People are confusing everything, just because she is from Disney everybody thinks that she has to be a sweet and innocent girl for the rest of her life, she's growing up and it's norma lthese kind of changin. Wake up she isnt a 11 year girl anymore, and thank God she's leaving Disney, cause i think that it's a place that kind of don't let and don't want you to be yourself because they want to pass this image that their actors are the correct ones

  • beth - 10 years ago

    thsi video is awosme i love this song and i i think miley is a great role model she is awsome !!! =D


    Hmmmmm Well to start she has grown up and lets seeeeeee... SHES NEARLY 18 PEOPLE GOD! IT'S HER LIFE!

    She can't be Miley Stewart forever! She's quitting Disney and wants to have her life her way!

  • YOURMOM - 10 years ago

    i think she''s perfect. loveyou, miley.

  • Mae - 10 years ago

    i Love Miley Cyrus! Her All Song was Awesome! I'm Your FAN Here Miley! :)

  • giovanna - 10 years ago

    i think that she can do wathever she wants, se alredy have 17 years old, you guys have to understand that! i think that she is amazing, and the new video is really fantastic

  • Julissa - 10 years ago

    she's to young for this! but is her problem...

  • bob - 10 years ago

    it not good to be like that

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