Palin's Fiorina endorsement

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  • MarvelKnight70 - 13 years ago

    Don't vote for Carly Fiorina!!! She is a JOB KILLER!!! She ran Hewlett-Packard right into the freakin' ground, walked away with 21 million dollars from HP, and because of that, HP had to close down all their warehouse locations in the U.S.
    I, along with thousands of other hardworking people who used to work for HP lost our jobs because of her!!! Us former employees of HP know that Carly is bad news for California!!! She is evil!!! She gives Good Republicans a bad name!!! If she is elected, she will bleed our precious California dry!!! If you are a true Republican who loves our state of California, vote for Chuck Devore. He's our man.

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