What do you think of Chevrolet's New "Excellence for everyone" tagline?


  • Alex Luft - 14 years ago

    PS - my bad, the article I linked to doesn't mention the Play-Pause feature for the Aveo... but a lil birdie in the tree has been telling us some stuff...

  • Alex Luft - 14 years ago

    @Eric Chevy IS getting the features of Caddy and Buick. In fact, it's getting features that some Caddys don't even have - like Pause-Play radio - that will be available on the Cruze and the AVEO (that's right, a lowly subcompact).


    Another example is OnStar.

    Can you imagine the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, or Nissan Versa having play-pause radio or even options for the above features?

    I'm driving the Chevy Equinox this week and it's absolutely an awesome car, even with the rather unexciting 2.4L 4-banger.

  • Donald Nguyen - 14 years ago

    Sounds lame. Could be catchier like: Excellence in Motion!, or We deliver Excellence!, or An Excellent Driving Experience!, or We move America!, or We move the Wolrd!

  • Eric Hall - 14 years ago

    It will never be Excellence for All unless Chevy actually starts getting drive lines and options that are given to the sister brands.

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