Was it all a prank? Or is Joaquin Phoenix serious?


  • deskplant - 11 years ago

    Seen it. Fabulous and totally unique film. It's a spoof. A modern Spinal Tap but way more sophisticated. It's a pi$$ take on the never ending appetite for reality drama. Whereas they are all girls with fake boobs and tight skirts trying to get the rich guy to take them out, he's all scruff, blow and hookers! And the poop scene for want of better way to explain it, is very tastefully done!!!!!!!!!

  • taffy - 12 years ago

    How convenient: When it bombs, all he has to say is, "Oh, it's all a great big joke." Shave his beard and go back to mainstream. Everything is forgiven because........he's Juaquin Pheonix the genius!

  • Poobahman - 13 years ago

    Comment about what?
    I haven't seen anything yet.
    I am sure there will be a lot of Catholic priests who will want to see it now that they know there is a lot of frontal nudity.

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