Which of the following expenses for your adult children do you plan to pay for?

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  • TheMidwesterner - 14 years ago

    Pay for? I may pay part of some or all of these expenses, but certainly not all of any one. My parents were neither stingy nor were they incapable of paying for everyone of these. That said, as for education - I earned a scholarship, as did my wife. Wedding - split thirds between my parents, my wife's parents, and the two of us. The down payment on our house was covered by our savings. My parents set a good example - working hard to earn possessions and experiences, and not buying anything they couldn't afford. We will try to pass this on to our children. If they don't become dependent upon mom and dad, then they won't develop an entitlement mentality - not a bad thing considering the trend in condition of our nation's entitlement systems.

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