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What do you think of the new logo for Seattle's Best Coffee?

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  • Coyrhino - 13 years ago

    I liked the old logo and blends. I drank Seattles Best Blend. I will not be drinking Blend 3 .

  • K - 14 years ago

    can we say TARGET?????????

  • Games - 14 years ago

    Remember the generic "Beer" sold in the early 80's? I looks like they hire the same ad agency.
    Now, "Where's the beef?!"

  • gucci - 14 years ago

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  • LC - 14 years ago

    Get your money back. There was nothing wrong with the old logo.

  • Kim Taylor - 14 years ago

    This logo makes a good brand look like the bottom shelf products in a 711. UGLY AND STUPID.

  • Dean - 14 years ago

    I have to second Karen's comments. It is just FLAT. I used to live in Seattle and THIS is as good as you can do? In Seattle, coffee is EVERYTHING or at least a major part of it. The old label conveys longevity, richness of character and boldness. Come on Starbucks, you can do better than this. I am no marketing guru, but coffee is not "clean and simple"...universal, yes. The new logo looks like a universal sign in an oversees airport (give blood here) Coffee is to be savored which the old label conveys. Leave the logo alone or go to plan B.

  • Mike - 14 years ago

    Are all the men out there just afraid to say it? Obviously, it's clear to any male over the age of 12, a white 'teardrop' in the middle of a red half circle resembles a certain part of the female anatomy. Starbucks should get their heads screwed on straight, donate the cost of this middle school design to their favorite charity so they can at least get a tax right-off for all the wasted money, and keep the original logo!

    Even I could come up with something better in just the few minutes it took to write this, and I have no experience in advertising, marketing, or graphic design. If you really feel the need to change the 'Seattle's Best' logo (KISS). Just add the Starbucks Mermaid to the 'Seattle's Best' logo inside the 'football' shaped portion and keep the 'Seattle's Best' banner in the foreground! Of course most of the Mermaid will be hidden because it will be in the background, but it will definitely be easy to recognize. Like I said earier (KISS), don't mess with the Mermaid graphic, keep the color white!

    - Mike

  • Ken - 14 years ago

    The first thing that came to mind before even reading the article was petrolium. Mmmmm ... yum! But after reading the article, I understand why people though "blood donation". Making the half circle BLACK would help. Think about it: the white drop could be milk. Duh!

  • Karen Tafoya - 14 years ago

    Fire the fools who stole your $$$ !!! If the Boss wants a new design to 'perk up' the product's image, but wants to save $$$, go to the nearest kindergarden class & have the kids come up with a design...that way, at least the 'simplicity' will be easier to explain!

    For real though, the "new" design is SO simple, it will "simply be "overlooked"! I would like to think the new packaging will draw attention to the great coffee this company produces....however....I just hope the opposite doesn't occur. I honestly love "Seattle's Best" so much better than any other coffee!! Each blend has it's own unique flavor. I enjoy my coffee every morning knowing that I can find Seattle's Best all around the San Francisco Bay Area...which is where I live!!!

    What a shame it would be to lose a great product due to sub-standard packaging! "Keep it simple stupid" does NOT work in this instance.

  • genny - 14 years ago

    What is that they say "Change it till it sucks” well Congratulations the new logo SUCKS!!!!!!! You can all go home knowing you've destroyed my favorite coffee.

  • Jean - 14 years ago

    Starbucks' marketing team blew it with this one! Not only is this logo boring and unimaginative, a first-grader could have come up with something much better. They should not have replaced the original Seattle's Best Coffee logo. It had way more visual appeal than this SORRY logo ever will. Starbucks, here's a tip: if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  • Trace - 14 years ago

    Reminiscent of Maxwell House ... "good to the last drop" ... a brand that I don't buy.

  • jacque - 14 years ago

    AM-PM, 7-11 ... what's more iconic than those two similar concept simple, primary color, middle-school art logos?

    How hard up do you have to be to drink coffee from either place?

  • pattie - 14 years ago

    this totally reminds me of Target! i know everyone's already said this...but what was wrong with the "old" logo? it had way more personality than this one...

  • jj - 14 years ago

    Just too plain, nothing unique.

  • David Brooks - 14 years ago

    Remember the generic "Beer" sold in the early 80's? I looks like they hire the same ad agency.
    Now, "Where's the beef?!"

  • Brian - 14 years ago

    Great coffee (although not quite as good as Peet's Best), lame logo. The previous logo is not in need of an update.

  • Garret Keith - 14 years ago

    The new design reminds me of the Target campaign for there own branded products soap, tissue etc. As someone already wrote very generic ! I think the 1970's image could be updated and look better.

  • donotlikeit - 14 years ago

    If they were trying to relegate the Seattle's Best brand to be the new "cheap generic swill", they were successful. I cannot believe that the Starbucks marketing team did not know that this logo screams "I am only fit for institutional service." In fact I think that was their point - to differentiate the market between Starbucks and SBC by relegating SBC to be the inferior coffee (which is is not). Which is very sad, since their best difference is that Starbucks is great for blended and milk-based drinks, whereas SBC is preferred by the just-black-coffee-please crowd. They could have brought the second crowd back into the Starbucks fold with a great, sippable black coffee, but chose, instead, to further alienate them.

    Looks like I'll be drinking more Peet's for here on out. Sorry, Seattle's Best.

  • KATO - 14 years ago

    It looks like a gas station logo... FAIL

  • Ann - 14 years ago

    It's a great logo! For a plasma donation center.

  • Dale - 14 years ago

    If they changed it to compete with McDonalds then they've succeeded. They've cheapened an old Settle icon brand.

  • deb - 14 years ago

    It's not a warm and comforting design. Nothing about it makes me want to enjoy a cup of coffee on a rainy day...

  • Carl - 14 years ago

    One of the most boring designs I have ever seen. Their previous logo had graphic appeal, was smart and clean. This logo is totally unimaginative.

  • Cory - 14 years ago

    I think the new logo looks like a generic and frankly a little cheap... like it might as well read "coffee" ... it lack the brand recognizable "art" of the Starbucks logo. As someone in the restaurant industry I am not sure I want to include this new logo on my marketing and menus as it really does not have the same draw as even the logo they are replacing. To simple, to sleek and is actually a bit boring.

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