What is your view of maps in fantasy?


  • Rebecca LuElla Miller - 13 years ago

    I'm with you, Krysti. I map out places but also where all the characters are as they move from place to place. I have to know what my character sees and who he'll be inclined to talk to or help. In battles, I have to know where everyone is to be sure the logistics work. But those maps, I'm pretty sure, don't need to be published. ;-)

  • Krysti Kercher - 13 years ago

    I make lots of maps too when I'm world building. And building blueprints. How else am I going to know where the secret passage(s) are, and what you can and can't get to from them? Or if there's a tree in the way of that escape tunnel, or-- ;-) LOL! I believe maps are a really cool and pertinent part of world building.

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