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Who would win in a fight: QWERTY or virtual keyboards? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 5,095

  • joe - 13 years ago

    Was strong believer in physical keyboard until I tried the virtual keyboard on the HTC evo. My wpm is actually much faster than on a palm pre.

  • Judith Copeland - 13 years ago

    All this really depends on whether or not someone is more tactile and a kinetic learner rather than the technology itself.

  • Cesar Fonseca - 13 years ago

    the world evolves, we will lways be will novelty.

  • nana - 13 years ago

    Can you type with your eyes closed....? I can do tat in my qwerty!
    Virtual keypads are a big joke.

  • Ronen - 13 years ago

    This question isn't fair. I prefer the physical keyboard, I think it's much more comfortable, however, I do believe the virtual one will end up the victor

  • Jerry - 13 years ago

    I have typed on the future and it is Swype.

  • Deni Smith - 13 years ago

    I am writing this on my iphone so i guess this tells everything. I dont like the idea of opening my phone every time when I need the the full qwerty keyboard.

  • Hephail - 13 years ago

    T9 with a physical keyboard is bliss!

  • preston - 13 years ago

    Nothing can replace reality ;)

  • Fitch - 13 years ago

    If everyone had the pleasure of trying Swype, they'd all pick virtual

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