How do you feel about Pagination?

  • lauren - 11 years ago

    i agree with cesar, pagination screws everything up in rss readers. fix it, or get rid of it is my vote.

  • César - 11 years ago

    I'm used to reading your posts via Google Reader and since you add pagination when I open only one post I get two post merged, as a result everything looks like a mess. I don't like pagination.

  • Christian - 11 years ago

    I think pagonation is a bad idea on the envato sites.
    First I noticed it, I thaught its a step back. It breaks the flow of a continous article.
    You can´t scroll through a tutorial to find a step, that you´re looking for - with pagination you have first to click through the single pages and then scroll to find the step you´re looking for.
    The argument of shorter loading times is obsolete in my opinion as the users of the envato sites all have high bandwith connections.
    Thanks for letting users participate!

  • luca - 11 years ago

    Sorry, but pagination on single posts is totally wrong!! very old fashion! I've always run away from those sort of websites, even if the content looked interesting.
    Please don't do that to the best place in the internet, I would be devastated! at least give us a choice but keep pagination as second choice!

    Thank you

  • Julian - 11 years ago

    In my opinion, paging is good if the content is long - purely because its hard to navigate quickly to the right bit of your page when scrolling. This can be avoided if a some content anchors are at at the top of the page.

    Also another thing...the comments area should be collapsable!

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