What should the Nets be called when they move to Brooklyn?


  • NBA Hater - 12 years ago

    here are my choices:

    Brooklyn Badgers
    Brooklyn Beavers
    Brooklyn Black Bears is my personal vote
    Brooklyn Black Bears
    Brooklyn Boa Constrictors
    Brooklyn Bulls err....
    Brooklyn Bobcats errr...i mean
    Brooklyn Bastards?
    Brooklyn Beer Guzzlers
    Brooklyn Bible Freaks
    Brooklyn Bisexuals
    everyone's favorite Brooklyn Bitches
    Brooklyn Blacks
    yeah....definitely Brooklyn Blacks

  • Drew - 13 years ago

    I believe they should called the "Brooklyn Jordan's" in honor of Michael Jordan, and because Michael Jordan always scored his most points in New York. That'd be a great way to honor the NBA's all-time best player, Michael Jordan.

  • fartufat - 13 years ago

    The Brooklyn Brooks

  • Chauncey Howell - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Mooks

  • kmm - 13 years ago

    LeBrooklyn LeBrons

  • joe lee - 13 years ago

    since proky loves women so much... brooklyn bras

  • Joe - 13 years ago

    Bring back the original....Brooklyn Dodgers

  • nedi - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Blaze

    as a new ower, i don't want the reputation of the old one as I want to make a name for myself. hence, a sign under new ownership reminds everyone that a new era is beginning.

  • marty - 13 years ago

    You cant change the history of this team by changing the name.Its not fair to all the great Net teams that were in the ABA and NBA!

  • Brookyn Barons - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn is Kings county but since the name, the Kings, is taken, I suggest the Brooklyn Barons.

  • ZEKE - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn or New York Nets... Plain and Simple; we waited YEARS for the Nets to make it to the NBA Finals.. The NETS made it there so dont change the history we finally got to achieve... The NETS won 2 ABA titles. The Nets won 2 EC & Atlantic titles. If the name had a regional name id say change it but most teams still kept their nicknames even if they were regional names (Lakers, Grizzlies, Jazz)

    The only name change Id accept would be Americans, the original name..

    Its Brooklyn Nets... I am a NETS fan... Keep the name; only the media ( who all love the Knicks) want the Nets to change their name, not NETS fans!!!!!

  • Sal from Massapequa - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Skells

  • Adam Morrow - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Knights

  • BigTyme - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Nyets

  • larrooo - 13 years ago

    Brooklyn Bums.

  • Bob Williams - 13 years ago

    New Jersey Nets The Ny Giants and Jets play in NJ so why can the Nets not be called NJ Nets and play in NY

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