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Do You Support Ban on Facebook? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 8,203

  • sajida noor - 7 years ago

    yes ban it forever

  • howdy - 12 years ago

    i dont know y they use face book. its no ban it completely.

  • M.Serfaraz - 12 years ago

    yes , ban it forever...

  • Shahbaz Ali - 12 years ago

    Yes, Ban it forever..

  • the best thing is here....

    Banned it forever...

  • new york aisan escorts - 13 years ago

    except, i have too many friend in my facebook

  • cory - 13 years ago

    i don't even do that ,but someone ban me,

  • javeria awan - 13 years ago

    fb ban is not a way to criticize......v should use fb to give a answer to foreigners dat v r enough to stop these tarah ban kar k hm peeche bhag rahen hain hamen chaye k un ko is ka jawab den na k chup kar jaen..pakistan mein ehtajaj se kch nae hota kch kar k dekhana parhta hai......hum khud ko to change karen ge nae bs unnecessary cheezon pe action lete rahen ge..kb tak???hope v could undrstnd dat fb is nt corrupting youth....its a reqst to nt ban smthng wich actually works plzzzzzzzz..........

  • afzal awan - 14 years ago

    yes it must be banned for ever.
    we should make such website for our ppl to use and thats how we can counter them,now big deal for IT professionals.
    Then we will see how they tolerate freedom of speech.

  • Muhammad Umar Qadri - 14 years ago

    Ban forever its my humbly request......

  • Mattiullah - 14 years ago

    Yes, Yes and yes...It should be banned forever.....
    to hell with all those who are against it...And surely they will be...
    At least try to leave visiting a single site for your religion...for your ideology you beleive in....
    THere are some qadiyaanis who are against it..And they surely are the minorities..Who cares for them...

  • Sabreen - 14 years ago

    This is my opinion. :)

    There are many pages on facebook that let people know the truth about our Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). When the page "May 20th: Everybody Introduce Prophet Mohammed Day!" was made, instead of boycotting facebook for a few days, many people joined this page and this helped make a change in people's mindsets about Islam. In my opinion, boycotting facebook on 18th, 19, 20th... benefitted no one except these atheists (not jews) who are reponsible for these blasphemous acts. They were happy that muslims got hurt. Yusuf Estes.. Yusuf Chambers, and other islamic scholars, have their facebook page and didnt boycott or anything but instead posted even more videos of Islam. This is more beneficial and provides knowledge to the ignorant.. muslims and non-muslims.
    May Allah guide us all even more. Ameen

  • Muhammad Afzal - 14 years ago


    My dear friends i am totally agreed with your opinions. but i want to ask something is it only a solution of this issue. How can they know what are Muslims. They are continuously again and again insulting our beloved prophet(S.A.W) and we have only a way to slip out. I do not know much about computer but i apologize to my that friends who know computer well do something like hang their servers cash them or send a terrible virus or something like this.

    if no one can do this then find some one who can because it is not only way to show them.
    if any hacker is there than please i want to contact with him.

  • Munir Shah - 14 years ago

    After the demise of Socialism/Communism, it is only Islam the road block.

    Facebook is intentionally taking this nefarious and damaging act in the 'simplist way'.

    If a Muslim has the least degree of love, reverance and passion to sacrifice everything to safeguard the honour and sanctity of Holy Prophet Muhamed (Peace be Upon Him), he must disassociate with a double cross organization like FACE BOOK.

  • Muhammad - 14 years ago

    Boycott Facebook forever
    We are inviting Muslim from all over the world to come and join Peace full Protest against the Blasphemous competition on facebook. We are offering the Muslim to boycott facebook forever not only for 03 days in just few days their losses reached to billions. Don’t worry about the Salary Inshah Allah you will rewarded in the AAKHEERA.

  • Muhammad Bilal ijaz - 14 years ago

    facebook shoulb be ban for ever in Pakistan.we love our prophet Muhammad(P.b.u.h). and face book try to insult our we leave facebook.and i request to others muslims that they not use it

  • babar - 14 years ago

    band karo musal manon kya hogya he tumhe

  • sana - 14 years ago

    i think it should b blocked till 31st may,cz the basic thing was to give them financial decline which is successful now.

  • marium ansar - 14 years ago

    yeah sure guys, ban facebook , go for the easy way as you are born for it , if someone slaps you slap him back make it a matter of your ego become selfish, forget all the teachings of Prophet and just give the enemies your weaknesses so that they can make the most of it , forget that Quran and islam are codes for life just satisfy your emotions ,, go go ban it forever so that you can never communicate with any person of international community, ban it so that you can give a jhoti tasali to your heart k haan ji kaam hogaya ab na dikhe gi na dil mai dard hoga, why don't you face this reality k woh qaum nafarmi mai bhi agay hai or uska watera hi yehi hai . even not a single muslim can believe it that a Muslim may like such activity of making fun of Prophet (nauzubillah) but guys use their tool against them . Take over them by your good acts (ikhlaq) not by fighting and protesting like this .
    i bet it is the most difficult thing to do but being a Muslim is a tough job :) and as we are born Muslim we must have the ability to tolerate and be patient.

    You remember what we have learned through our Book , in the early days of Mohammad's (SAW) prophet-hood kuffars were habitual of teasing our prophet by saying ill about our Allah Almighty (nauzubillah) but what he did ? he kept silent :) that was his grace :) my prophet's dignity was his character :) he was born for the humanity and his teachings are for life time ( subhanAllah ) .

    thus i am adopting the way of neglecting the ignorance of jews and christians and protesting them by praying that may Allah keep all of us away from the Fitna and keep us away from these difficult exams , and give us Aqal-e-Saleh so that our brain can understand the conspiracies arranged by satan .

    You all are mashallah musalman ,followers of Islam the best religion of the universe ,readers of Quran the best book in the world , lovers of Mohammad the best man in the world whose face can never be imagined by any non-muslim . You have the power of islam and now guys protest like a musalman :) be that powerful in yourself that nothing can stimulate your blood but Allah's and his Prophet's love.

    jazakAllah for your comments :) do not fight with each other as they want us to fight within ourselves , understand their tricks and respond then in the way they never expected,

    and ask Allah for every thing , only He can do everything, fi aman Allah.

  • usman khan - 14 years ago

    ban it 4ever

  • Nadeem Shaikh - 14 years ago

    ban all over same website

  • Muslim - 14 years ago

    May Allah's Blessing, Mercy and Peace be upon all of my EMOTIONALLY UNBALANCED BROTHERS.....just answer my one simple question....WHICH OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRY BANNED FACEBOOK....NONE.... this just shows how dumb our govt talk about banning facebook....what about hundreds of MUSLIM mothers, daughters and sisters being raped in kashmir and palestine....and we talk about banning facebook pages who promotes drawing of The Beloved Prophet (PBUH)....well let me tell u. in this very Country of ours the so called ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN, ON THE 12TH OF RABIULAWAL ON M A JINNAH ROAD THERE ARE REPLICAS OF THE KAABA AND THE HOLY MOSQUE OF MADINA....why dont you sycophants banned that...and what about all the wine shops that are open in this so called ISLAMIC COUNTRY of idiots have to wake up from the slumber that these Mullahs have enchanted on you....For the love of Allah u r the followers of the greatest religon of all time Islam think rationally....banning FACEBOOK WAS A STUPID ACT, THE PTA SHOULD ONLY HAVE BLOCKED THE RESPECTIVE PAGES WHICH SUPPORTED THAT GROUP....FOR WE MUSLIMS LOVE AND RESPECT ALL THE PROPHETS (PBUTHEM) AND SPECIALLY BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH).....I JUST WANT TO POINT ONE MORE THING THAT ALLAH ALMIGHTY COMMAND US TO RESPECT AND LOVE ALL THE PROPHET'S.....AND YET WE DONT DO ANYTHING WHEN THE PICTURE OF PROPHET ISA (PBUH) APPEARS ON THE SCREEEN OR ON THE CHURCHES....


  • MUHAMMAD TAQI - 14 years ago

    ban it

  • zeeshan - 14 years ago

    bannn salli face book forevere we`ll never bear anti Islamic activities

  • omar munir - 14 years ago

    jo bhee hamaray piaray nabee MUHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM kee shan may gustakhee karay ga us ka khana kharab karna hamaara awaleen fareeza hona chahiye GHAZI ILAM DIN SHAEED BANO or i completly agree to ban on face book

  • sheraz hussain - 14 years ago

    yes i agree to ban forever on facebook and youtube

  • Syed Abu Rehan - 14 years ago

    Yes, I support the ban on Facebook. I would like if it is banned forever in Pakistan and every Muslim country should ban facebook this shall send them strong reply and no other URL will try to think again.

  • Syed Abu Rehan - 14 years ago

    Yes, I support the ban on Facebook. I would like if it is banned forever in Pakistan and every Muslim country should ban facebook this shall send them strong reply and no other URL will try to think again.

  • muhammad - 14 years ago

    yes facebook ban is a good step , ban it forever.
    But what about those blogs and other websites publishing similar cartoons? The solution should be sensible talk and some kind of international law implementation.

  • AHSAN ALAM - 14 years ago


  • Afrasayab Naveed - 14 years ago

    facebook should be banned for ever in pakistan but should be banned until 31 may after that they have to open it

  • masood siddiqui - 14 years ago

    Facebook should must be banned permanatly as the american christians and all other jews are most extremiest than the Muslims.

  • af - 14 years ago

    Facebook should must be banned permanatly as the american christians and all other jews are most extremiest than the Muslims.

  • af - 14 years ago

    Facebook should must be banned permanatly as the american christians and all other jews are most extremiest than the Muslims.

  • Bilal Ahmed - 14 years ago

    yes should ban for ever in Pak so that no other website think to do what Facebook did

  • Muhammad Owais - 14 years ago

    Facebook should must be banned permanatly as the american christians and all other jews are most extremiest than the Muslims.

    Muhammad Owais

  • ghazanfar ali - 14 years ago

    and people used to think that we are fighting on the issue of our holy prophet which is the best person in the world the ideal for any person and he used to forgive every human being even though he throw rubbish on hazrat Muhammad (S.A.w) than why not we forgive those people but in such circumstances that either PTA put restriction on these blasphemous pages or the CEO of face book would be apologize for these blasphemous pages and all matter and remove from face book.

  • ghazanfar ali - 14 years ago

    i want that you tube and Face book is banned until or unless they remove the pictures and everything and apologize for that they have done with Muslim world or the government would put restriction on these pages which contain bad material about Islam and all the things means prophet and everything on these websites like you tube and face book

  • Ali - 14 years ago

    Facebook must be banned forever from all the muslim countries. These people only need money. They love money. If we log onto facebook just 1 time they get $2.5 per visit. I think all the muslims around the world should boycott facebook. Atleast we have something to show to our ALLAH that we did this for the sake of love for Muhammed (SAW). I appeal to all the muslims around the world that please understand what to do now, this is not the normal situation after 911. We should act like a UMMAH now. May ALLAH show us the right path of hidayah. Ameen

  • sharif - 14 years ago

    ban forever this site

  • imran - 14 years ago

    BAN BAN BAN !!!
    Ban forever.

    And we should boycott all tv channels, and we should not follow them.

    AS must follow our beloved Hazrat Muhammad saw, if we love him, them why do we oppose his teachings and path?

  • yasmeen - 14 years ago

    We had it enough from facebook, not anymore now, lets quit it forever.

  • rimsha - 14 years ago

    YES Ban It BloooDY fACe book FoREvEr

  • NOMAN - 14 years ago

    YEs BlOcK ThE FaCeBoOk FoREVeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waqas - 14 years ago

    It should be bannd forever it is realy bad who only says till 31st or only dat page should be banned

    Be Muslim Brothers Mohammad (P.B.U.H) is the Greates and most loveable Mankind for World and Specialy Muslims
    DO think !

  • Senan - 14 years ago

    Non-muslims trying their best to hurt muslilms in the best way possible ,and we have to retaliate in a better way.In this case the best way is to ban completely facebook ,this way our voice will be heard louder and plus the loss facebook will face. Facebook is not so important tat a ban on it would cripple our daily lives. Our dear Prophet is dearest of everything for us .This not only goes for facebook ,any medium they use we should boycott tatAnd this ban should encourage muslims why depend on non-muslims dont we have better talent than them ,lets make our own chat & communication medium possible like facebook twiiter and believe me this is the time all muslims looking for an alternative. So bros & sis please come up with something soon. Ban facebook forever >

  • saif - 14 years ago

    dear my friends,
    all these sites are not a role model for us to follow. most of us don,t want to accept to ban it permanently because i big source of friendship with girls. who says that facebook will serve our religion islam. all you know that the owner of facebook is a young jews boy mark zokibrak, who have income more than 26 billion. why not he stop and remove all these things, because it hit directly islam, and they don,t have any concern with our religion and muslims.

    please read an article of jang news.


  • Engr.Arshad Ali - 14 years ago

    Dear All,
    i have opened the facebook through certain IT tricks and founded that in facebook the "deactivate account" option is not working. You all are requested to deactivate the account as its promoting non Islamic culture in Islamic minds.
    with profound regards to all muslims

    Engr. Arshad Ali

  • AHmed MAsroor - 14 years ago

    Yes I and my whole family, my friends and neighbours and every one I know support a BAAN 4ever!!!

  • Amir Nadeem - 14 years ago

    Yes, ban it forever!!

    B A practical Muslim & don't let others to disgrace our HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) as we are the belivers of all Prophets and don't disgrace any of them.

  • kashif awan - 14 years ago

    yeah it shouldbe banned and even if the ban removed we all should hv firm commitment not to use it anymore...beacause they still are staying that the page didnt violate any of their rules...if u ppl want,there r a lot other alternatives u can use for social networking..but the one whose policies say its right to publish such pages of hatred against any religion should be banned forever i think...

  • Faizan Bokhari - 14 years ago

    i wanna ask that why the hell an iraqi journalist was brutally tortured by the american government when, by throwing a shoe on president Bush he EXPRESSED his FEELINGS?why were his ribs were broken down and his life was made miserable forever?why should your damn demand of freedom of expression only be used by u people?u all should also be treated the same way as that iraqi journalist was treated with? Islam teaches us to be in peace until and unless our and our religion's respect is maintained otherwise we also have the authority to treat u people the same as u treated that journalist.

    Faizan Bokhari

  • saif - 14 years ago

    the face book has a direct link with Dajjal, and what ever who supoort is the great supporter of dajjal. every citizen of pakistan should have move forward to ban this dirty site for what ever cost to pay.saif afridi from multan

  • bandah - 14 years ago

    i hate this website i don't like to open it again even they excuse it is very sin and not forgiveness

  • Raja Abid Majeed - 14 years ago

    FACE BOOK ban ban ban for ever in all islamic countaries.

  • Jawad Nabi Cenna - 14 years ago

    Salam....I dont accept ban on any wesite bcz its not the solution to the problem.Offcourse there was something on facebook which according to Qur'an and Sunnah is punishable with capital these people who spread such hateful things should be punished with death.The govt of Pakistan should demand thier country to handover these people to Pakistan and then punish them.

  • Riphah University - 14 years ago

    BAN it forever!!!!!

  • Muhammad Kamran Rafi - 14 years ago

    yes ban it forever... I am ashamed that so many people are still using it on mobile phones... Please leave it now.. please

  • Fahad - 14 years ago

    agree with Free-Speaker

  • Mohd Sheriff - 14 years ago

    When, Mr.Hussain painted sleazy image of Hindu god...they throwed him out of country...similarly now we have banned FB. Their is no difference...but we should send a legal notice to the guy who started the event on FB rather the medium of communication.

  • Syed Faisal Hussain Shah - 14 years ago

    I live in UK, I hate facebook because of this controversy, It should be banned. I deactivated my account and I love my Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohummad (SalAllahuAlayheWaAleWasallam).. Pakistan is Gr8 country..

  • Free-Speaker - 14 years ago

    The ban is stupid because:
    1 - Its not a Pakistan based site so our courts have no authority over it and our blashphemy laws dont apply to them. Why are cnn or bbc not banned which have spread more hate about islam?
    2 - Its not misleading people. Its just a page on a website. People who made that page are barking dogs. Why dont we just ignore them?

    70% votes supporting the ban shows the lack of intellect in our internet using population.
    Facebook never supported drawing the cartoons, some users made a page on it. Anyone can make a page about anything. The right response would have been to let people argue and debate with the creators of the group to get it removed. I had debates with Athiests and islam haters on that page. Many of them were willing to stop their activities.

    Islam is the best "deen" (way of life). We should be confident that we can defend it in argument and prove our point instead of running away and banning everything.

  • salman - 14 years ago


  • shakeel ahmed - 14 years ago

    yes i agree face book should b banned for ever

  • MUHAMMAD AKIF UDDIN - 14 years ago


    As Face book authorities are showing that common peoples of Pakistan are still want to use face book and they are trying to access face book by using different methods so Government of Pakistan should not imposed banned on their website .
    This is my personal view to show them our real power let Gov of Pakistan remove the banned only for one day and let us allow to permanently Delete our account ( Alhumdulillah i have already DEACTIVATED my account before ban and when i was trying to access it to delete my account permanently it was banned :( ),i personally think this step would be more effective !

  • naqi - 14 years ago

    the face book must be banned for ever because stern action of banning such site will show the loyalty and faith of Muslim with the last prophet of God Muhammad (PBUH). who reasons the social and financial or economics for not banning the site must understand and remember that "

    "You cannot be good Muslim until the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is worth for you then your mother, father children and even yourself.

  • Fahad - 14 years ago

    although the whole thing was a sad incedent but bannning....i dont think banning it permanently is the right thing to shows us being extremist the very thing we claim e are all are just angry and annoyed at the whole thing...but after a few months you'll regret your own decisions for banning lets not all be hasty and think about this rationally.... i bet half of you watch indian movies and from what i gather they had been banned too..... and we break many other rules which are wrong.... i strongly condemn the acts of facebook and the whol day....but getting all pissed is not the answer....ever heard of diplomacy!???

  • Zulfiqar - 14 years ago

    Read this article, an incident happened with my friend.

    I believe if we are such social networking addicts, we should develop a social networking website which could compare the usability of facebook..i'm telling you it is not rocket science. There are a zillion social networking websites but the only difference is the human computer interaction. Just make it user-friendly!

    So those who can make it possible i encourage them to go for it!

  • MHK - 14 years ago

    This a very good initiative taken by the Pakistani government against ban on facebook. it should be till the 31st of may and this is a very good opportunity for all of us to show that we are not sleeping and can react in such manner also.

  • JK - 14 years ago

    yes definitly the website FACEBOOK which was banned by the gov. of Pakistan and by other muslim countries is right, we are learned to leave the platform where the religious abuseness is going on not for the short time period rather for permanently.Nothing is more important than the religion,we should respect our religion,

    Thank you

  • Zar - 14 years ago

    theseppl think we muslis depend upon them! now they know it's not really the case! it's because of us that they are going through the loss

  • Zar - 14 years ago

    m really glad we all are gathering together like this MASHALLAH! we muslims need to strengthen our beliefs n love our religion

  • Defebder - 14 years ago

    We must show ZERO Tolerence on this issue. This is not an issue we out it on back.

  • mwlkhi - 14 years ago

    ' Mohammad S.A.W ki mohabat deen ki shart e awal hy
    Isi me hy ager khami to sub kuch na mukamal hy.'
    It is obvious that facebook is not going to be banned forever. But I request all of you, in case it gets unbanned again in Pakistan, please don't start using it again. Facebook did block many pages that supported Islam without any reason and it did not ban numerous anti-Islamic pages even after more than 100,000 complaints.It shows that facebook itself is an anti-Islam propaganda.Not only facebook bt all others websites like this should b banned. If we continue to use it, we would be sponsoring them to keep doing such things.
    If v r the lovers & Ummah of Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W its not enough v should do all which v can.

  • sabaina - 14 years ago

    NO ban should be imposed. Government should be 'man enough' (tappar) to register its protest rather than banning sites which only leads to our own loss.if facebook delete DRAW MOHAMMED DAY than other religion also protest and says that also delete groups against our religoin and facebook can not delete all the groups is just can't happened....thats why facebook first delete DRAW MOHAMMED DAY and than again the link was there becoze other religion ppl were protesting....

  • Abdullah - 14 years ago

    Facebook should be banned forever not only for the reason that some people used it to disrespect our Holy prophet (peace be upon him) but also it is providing you an opportunity to violates the teaching of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).

  • Masroor - 14 years ago

    Facebook should be banned forever not only for the reason that some people used it to disrespect our Holy prophet (peace be upon him) but also it is providing you an opportunity to violates the teaching of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).

  • A. Naeem Khan - 14 years ago

    It should be ban immediately. Muslims never do like this for any religion why others are doing for Islam. We can spend our life without facebook or any other thing that heart to the Muslims.

  • NADEEM - 14 years ago

    In the name of Allah,the Beneficent,the merciful...ban on facebook should be forever.pakistan court and all muslims in the world decision is praiseable.muslims should boycott of these country products who,s r involved and PTA proved that we (pakistani)r ready to fight against any kind of terroism.

  • Muhammad Yasir - 14 years ago

    Facebook should be BANNED FOR EVER.

  • usman - 14 years ago

    shoud ban the facebook ever and if yahoo google or any other sites publish ban it even those sites bcoa v can live in stone or dark ages but cant tolerate if some one go against Islam

  • Muhammad Kashif - 14 years ago

    I think facebook should ban forever either they excuses. We can,t accept any excuse in this meter.
    And i hope if we will boycott ourself then noone can think to do like this.

  • manzoor khan mohmand - 14 years ago


  • Nouman - 14 years ago

    YES COMPLETELY BLOCK IT, so that next time no one dare to do this stuff

  • ALi - 14 years ago

    only the url ban was enough.. it is also a way to interact with other people... so not the entire facebook should have been banned

  • ali - 14 years ago

    these bitch sons who donot know about their father and now going to put mother name in their registration form,donot know that 1.5 billion lives are for sacrifice. the problem is that i cannot go to europe or usa and here in pakistan they are not easily available.
    they all motherfucker,pig sons

  • Syed Afnan Omer Ali - 14 years ago

    Step taken PTA is appreciable.. but the actual thing is does the profitability of facebook has been greatly effected or not.. if yes thn facebook should be blocked forever otherwise they will continue doing such thing and we cannot each and everything obviously..

  • Tabreize - 14 years ago

    1. Facebook is owned by someone. Did the owner/CEO of Facebook even once say that he is sorry? Is he ready to take the decision to disallow the page because it is hurting the feelings of a billion+ Muslims? The answer is a cruel 'NO'.

    2. The maker of the page has said she now has nothing to do with it. But remember, out of the 4 billion+ non-Muslims, only 90,000 are fan of the page, which is nothing.

    3. The logic given in favour of the page is that it is "to show the world that they, the non-Muslims are not afraid of threats from Muslim groups that they give when the non-Muslims disrespect Muhammad (PBUH)". This is nonsense! For the acts of a few individuals you are hurting the feelings of a Billion+ Muslims?

    4. The Christians do this freely because they dont have the fear of a tit-for-tat response; because we the Muslims love and respect Moses and Jesus as God's holy Messengers. Thats the equivalent of hitting below the belt.

    5. To the non-Muslims: dont let your pointless hatred against us Muslims be THAT OBVIOUS!!

  • funny people - 14 years ago

    guys - you think banning this would actually mean no other website will try to do this...

    here's the problem - many people felt they wanted freedom of speech BECAUSE of threats by some extremists. let me repeat BECAUSE OF SOME THREATS.

    tell me - if i were to threat you, that if you, listen, ever again to songs, you will end up @ the bottom of an ocean, what would you do? get scared - or come in front of me and say - do whatever you can?

    what i condemn - is that facebook was very very slow at putting that webpage down, and i hate facebook for that, but please - you need to understand WHY this has happened - it is because of our anger and hate

    BECAUSE OF OUR ANGER AND HATE!! and this will continue if we don't learn to be more understanding and loving - trust me...

  • alikhan - 14 years ago

    BAN it forever!!! for how long is this site in our lives??? a year or so???? Bs!!! how can it be more important to us than our Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H)....!!!! Never it can be~!!!! Ban Facebook!! n teach them a lesson some no1 else does these kinda rubbish thingz to ur religion n our muslim world!!! I hope Usama is planning for another massive attack on these facebook ppl too!!! ;)....i vl b glad 2 see it!!! teach em a lesson!!! plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  • Momin Ansari - 14 years ago

    Dear Where is the right of "Free Expression" when it comes to denying "Holocaust" ... in most of europe its a Crime to Speak or Published any thing against "Holocaust" and U think that insulting or making fun of religious personalities is right for u .... don't gave me that excuse that because its not your religious personality u can't apply to Others ... so how one government can make it a law ... even Netherlands the Draft is on table meant specific for "Holocaust denials" ...
    Dear ,...try read b/w the lines... and understand the issue here ... is'nt this Hypocrisy of west ... its Good for u all to insult Muslims by making fun of their Beloved Prophet but for hurting Jews feelings u can give punishment to any one who denies "Holocaust"

  • Sumayyah Mahmood Butt - 14 years ago

    Yes, of course it should be banned forever. Banning will make them suffer financially and we have tested them a hundred times, how many more chances can we give them? Besides, no one is gonna die here without facebook!

  • SAD SOUL - 14 years ago


  • tasneem jalap - 14 years ago

    no need of fb.they satanists should face more nd more loss.Pakistani nation iz giving above than 45 percent money to fb.they fb admin ppl should learn lesson,they[satanists committed a biggest sin,they did'nt stop ugly page.i hate fb.

  • tasneem jalap - 14 years ago

    nafah ya nuksaan bussiness man dekhta hai,aik aahisq koi nafah nuksan ka nahi sochta.nd we Muslims are Lovers of our PROPHET MUHAMMAD[PBH] ,nd we Love our PROPHET [MUHAMMAD[PBH] more than anything else.
    i m shocked, y so called Muslims want to give money to fb admin people,they r mad,they r not true Muslims bcz "jub tak aik muslim apne parents,apni ollad ,nd apne maal sai ziyada NABI PAK[PBH] sai love nahi kerta ,uska Emaan incomplete hota hai.ALLAH k kehr ko q avvaz dai rahai ho Muslims.
    plzzzzzzz Muslims hosh sai kaam lo.jub MUHAMMAD[PBH] ki baat aa jaai then tu greed ko chore du,
    Wake up Muslims don't be baighairat

  • Sacha Kaka - 14 years ago

    hehe polldaddy is letting me vote again and again I have voted third time from same PC same browser same OS same internet.

  • Sacha Kaka - 14 years ago

    Lo sacha kaka ab yahan b, Ban them till 31st, it will give them nuksaaaaan. But facebook is important part of cyber life many kurdian at my facebook account, bloggers companies webmasters get many visitors customers from their facebook fan pages.

  • Anonymous - 14 years ago

    Salam everyone!
    Please read my post a little practically..

    I want it to be banned till 31st because that campaign was the fault of a PARTICULAR GROUP of people, not the entire facebook! Yes ofcourse we can do ANYTHING for our Prophet (S.A.W.W)..
    But if we look at this matter keeping our emotions aside, then, it is clear that this is not the fault of ENTIRE FACEBOOK. They've learned the lesson and i don't think they'll let this happen again.. However if they did it again then, we can say Facebook should be banned forever!
    Otherwise, i think banning it forever won't be somehow, legal.. But it would be GREAT if we make a Pakistani site of that level.. Would be very profitable! Nobody would use facebook if anything like that happens as there will be majority of Pakistanis and no such acts will happen..

    (Maybe i'm wrong.. But thats what i think)

    I'm hoping for a good decision.. InshAllah, the outcome will be the best possible! =)

  • Rizwan Shaikh - 14 years ago

    I think who r the biggest stupids who wants to banned.

    whts the effect on facebooks, just stopped the few % traffic.

    its better to stop the Nato supplies goes to khi route into Afghan.

    its better n practical effective boycott

  • Moslem - 14 years ago

    Well you don't need to show/prove your level of inclination towards your religion. And that cannot be affected by such anti-islamic activities. These are part of life and you should counter/face it in a more effective manner rather than suicide in isolation because now non-muslims know your weakness for which they will use all means to spread those drawings and we all will then one day get our heads buried under sand.

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