The best material for a mens wedding ring
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  • James - 11 years ago

    "I think in the modern age, you shouldn't wait for the guy, or put the entire financial burden on him," she says, pointing out that in Lebanese culture, both men and women receive engagement rings. "If he wants to get her the traditional ring, that's fine, but he doesn't have to make the first move."

    And as men and women's earning power draws ever more parallel, she adds, it makes sense. While a diamond dazzler can still bust the bank, the trend in men's rings these days is toward cheaper, tougher, more durable materials such as tungsten carbide or titanium. "Tungsten is a harder metal and it needs a lot less maintenance. It's heavier; it's more economical -- $199 to $500 with a diamond. A lot of guys don't wear jewelry, so they don't want to buy something expensive."

    If we are to take our cues from GQ magazine, men are no longer rushing for gold — no diamonds, no elaborate chains or any other flashy jewelry.

    May cover model Jake Gyllenhaal's sole hint of bling is an understated $15 silver tie bar. Looking inside the issue's 162 pages, we find exactly four editorial subjects wearing jewelry beyond wedding rings or watches.

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