Who will win this season's 'Dancing with the Stars'

  • linda bedard - 10 years ago

    I think it should be Evan Anna. I don't think people realize how much he has come out of his shell and how rigid schedules are with figure skating. He has such a repore' with Anna nd has soooo loosened up. Nicole is lovely but too professional aleady. Also my second choice would be Erin and Max. Thanks

  • Kimberley Kogiones - 10 years ago

    Although Nicole is very talented, and I think Derek is one of the best choreographers to come along since Astaire and Kelly, I am rooting for Evan. I think he has come the farthest on the emotional plane, and love Anna's choreography with him. He is shy and real. Nicole has been empotionally distant and overwrought at times. Between Erin's unprofessional you guys, whining mentality, and sometime awkwardnes, I could never go for her. She should be glad her stalker was caught and get over it. Sympathy shouldn't win votes. Kate Gosselin? Give me a break! So emotionally empty and stiff with tears on call, how could people even make her the point of popularity?

  • Delores - 10 years ago

    This has been an amazing season at Dancing With the Stars! The last three couples seem to be equally as talented but there seems to be an edge over with Derek and Nicole. I love Maxim and Evan has been outstanding but I think Dereks choreorgraphy has been outstanding and with the background talent of Nicole, it will surprise me if they don't win. I think these talents all have an appreciation for each other and are all so positive and loveable on screen. Thanks for another Great season to watch Dancing with the Stars!

  • Tiffany - 10 years ago

    Definitely Evan. Such masculinity and a true leading man.

  • Louise - 10 years ago

    Nicole, do you have a problem? Can't you give Derek credit for making you what you are?

    Last night on Larry King, you were the worse speaker at the ta ble when it came to compliments. Derek, god bless him, took over and explained how hard it is to come up with something equally grand as the time before.

  • Alice - 10 years ago

    Derek and Nicole all the way. They are the best pair ever on the show.

  • Rebekah - 10 years ago

    Evan and Anna all the way!!

  • Chelsie - 10 years ago

    Without a doubt the best team ever....Nicole and Derek!

  • Asa - 10 years ago

    Evan is TOP DRAWER when it comes to this DWTS!!! The Judges are very unfair and need to be replaced, they are stale!!!!! get new unbiased Judges!!!! normal people, not Celebrities, or Former Dance people or has-beens!!! get Judges like me, and other normal Americans!!!!or Larry King-Cklooper Anderson-Katie Curric-Rob Marciano (CNN Weatherman)-Eva Longilla(Desperate Housewives) etc. etc.

  • JoAnn Dennis - 10 years ago

    Nicole and Derek are just too awesome. They are definitely fabulous dancing partners and sure to win the Mirror Ball trophy.

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