Should the Rest of the States Enact Arizona Style Immigration Reforms in their State Legislature?

Posted 9 years.


  • Mimi Smith - 9 years ago

    Yes, I believe every State should follow Arizona's example. It seems that this administration does not know what the word "illegal" means. Is someone in the White House affraid that he may have to show proof of his birthplace should all other states follow suit. May all the other states have the fortitude to follow Arizona's example and implement the law.
    As a Hispanic American, I am proud that many Hispanic are standing with the Arizona governor in her decision. God Bless this Great Nation and those who obey the laws and do not fear in inplementing them.

  • Frank T - 9 years ago

    We Must remember...that in 1776, there were just 13 colonies, now known as states. Each colony, thought them selves as a separate country with each having their own money and rules. TOGETHER...they made up a union of colonies or states with each having their OWN Constitution. They decided in Philadelphia, PA, to band together to form what is now KNOWN as The United States of America aka the Federal Government. Arizona is just ONE of those COLONIES or states. YES...Arizona was known as a territory before it became a state but they are now known as a state having joined the United States for their own protection against enemies, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC. Saying that...I feel the Arizona has it's OWN right to govern themselves AND to protect their own citizens and boarders from the intrusion of people from a foreign land, this IS very be protected from the intrusion of the foreign government that is known as the United States of America!

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