Favorite Coast Pic


  • bigsurkate - 12 years ago

    Cynthia, no, this was taken in Big Sur, at a popular turn-out, not Pt. Lobos. I'm glad you liked it!

  • Deb - 12 years ago

    The #2 photo captures so much that I love in Big Sur and still is detailed. Parts of Mc Way, Anderson, Burns and Buck creek watersheds visible (is that a hint of waterfall through the trees?); sky, mountains, ocean, rocks, cliffs, beach, plus a wonderful variety of trees (though most originally planted); and beautiful lines and framing. Appropriately, Hwy 1 is there as a very small part of this whole. I love this shot! In it there are so many places to be, to imagine and to sense. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  • Cynthia - 12 years ago

    Love all of the photos, but especially #2 because of the size, the 2 thirds, 1 third perspective, and because the lighting is perfect. I can almost feel the dampness in the air, and I love the perspective that tells the story of the rugged coast (and even a bit of road) that continues on. The perspective actually draws viewers into the photo more deeply. Was this photo actually taken at Point Lobos?

  • Karen - 12 years ago

    Beautiful pictures, Kate! #2 hit me personally, especially because it really talks to me about why Big Sur is so very special on so many different levels of AWE:------ Infinite special coastal and mountain sights, variety of (beach + rocks + plant) topic depths, gutsy and so very typically Big Sur to me!
    THANKS again for being there!

  • ken - 12 years ago

    like the hole thing

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